Metro Trains Melbourne and a roll of duct tape

Everywhere you look on Melbourne’s rail network it feels like things are falling apart, and North Melbourne station isn’t any different – I spotted this duct tape wrapped glass balustrade back on January 7.

Cracked glass balustrade at North Melbourne station

Skip forward two months to March 29 and nothing much has changed.

Glass balustrade at North Melbourne station is still broken, a few months after I first photographed it

Actually I should give them some credit – a few pieces of duct tape have disappeared in that time.

April 2016 update

In between taking my March photo and publishing this blog post – surprise! I passed through North Melbourne station on April 8, and the balustrade is finally fixed.

Glass balustrade finally repaired at North Melbourne station

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7 Responses to “Metro Trains Melbourne and a roll of duct tape”

  1. Beren says:

    I didn’t know that was called a balustrade, learn something new everyday. Seriously, did you go and look that up? Also, I don’t blame the staff for covering that up, a small child could easily slip through that gap true?

    • Daniel says:

      I’d suggest the problem isn’t that it was taped up. The problem is it was taped up for 3+ months.

      • Marcus Wong says:

        Spot on – a week could be considered acceptable to fix the issue, but three months!

        The balustrades should be safety glass – when broken it forms small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards. But there is still the risk of the glass falling out, and someone falling down to the ground below.

  2. mgm says:

    Those rubbish bins look like used (use your imagination)!

  3. mich says:

    Well, it’s just as well that you did not know that, Beren, because I am exceedingly doubtful that it is correct to call that sort of glass fence a “balustrade”.

    A balustrade is a row of balusters, which are turned wooden, or metal, or cast concrete, or other materials, in the form of decorative posts which support some kind of rail on the top.

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