Photos from ten years ago: April 2006

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – April 2006, which was somehow a very quiet month for me.

In the railyards beside North Melbourne station there were plenty of trains to be seen – wagons loaded with new concrete sleepers and ballast were being prepared for a weekend of track maintenance, while a quad lashup of freight locomotives headed past on their way to be serviced.

G527, X44, XR554 and H2 pass various works trains at Melbourne Yard

At Southern Cross Station I spotted a pair of Hitachi trains cross paths, each still in the green and gold ‘The Met’ livery of the 1990s.

88M and 129M at Southern Cross Station

At that point six Hitachi trains were still in service on the Melbourne rail network, with the tattered vinyl decals not being replaced by Connex branding until 2007.

And on the subject of rebranding, at North Melbourne I spotted a massive pile of discarded station signs – made redundant by the rollout of Metlink branding across the Melbourne rail network.

Massive pile of old PTC station nameboards waiting for someone...


My ‘photos from ten years ago‘ series has finally caught up to the month that it related too – hopefully I can keep it this way!

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