V/Line’s vandalism problem at Albury

Vandalism is a problem that rail operators across Victoria have to deal with, but the spate of graffiti attacks on V/Line trains at Albury station take the cake. Browsing the archives of The Border Mail shows the extent of the problem.

N464 ready to lead the train back south from Albury

V/Line lambasts ‘mindless’ vandals who graffitied Albury train forcing cancellations on Tuesday
March 29, 2016

A “graffiti attack” caused the cancellation of two train services from Albury to Melbourne today according to operator V/Line.

Coaches replaced the 7.05am Southern Cross to Albury and the 12.45pm Albury to Southern Cross services because of the damage.

A V/Line spokeswoman said vandals spray-painted two carriages of the train when it was stabled at NSW TrainLink’s Albury Station on Sunday night.

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Vandals graffiti V/Line’s ageing trains
June 30, 2015

Vandals have targeted V/Line’s ageing trains, covering about 20 metres of a carriage and a section of Albury station in graffiti.

V/Line did not clean the train after the graffiti was found yesterday morning, and it was used for a return service to Melbourne.

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Fresh call on V/Line graffiti vandals
May 22, 2014

V/Line has made a fresh appeal for information yesterday on an Albury graffiti attack on one of its trains after arrests were made over similar incidents in Melbourne.

The rail service operator said several people had been arrested over attacks on V/Line trains in the city.

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‘Massive’ graffiti mural forces cancellation of V/Line train services
April 23, 2014

A ‘massive’ graffiti mural covering the entire length of a train carriage has lead to the cancellation of two V/LINE services between Melbourne and Albury.

The graffiti, which covers the full length of a 25m carriage, was discovered in Albury this morning.

The carriage continued on its usual 6.35am run but was pulled from the track for cleaning as soon as it reached Melbourne.

As a result, passengers on today’s 5.20pm service out of Albury will now be forced to catch a bus to Seymour before transferring onto another train.

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Graffiti halts V/Line trains
Feb. 4, 2013

Border travellers were on the buses yet again yesterday thanks to a vandalised V/Line train.

Two services were put out of action because of the graffiti attack.

A V/Line spokeswoman said yesterday’s 7.10am service out of Southern Cross Station was the first to be cancelled.

“We have had to in turn cancel the 12.45pm service from Albury,” she said.

“The two services were replaced by buses.

“That is a result of graffiti done in Melbourne.”

The spokesman said it was V/Line’s policy to immediately take a train out of service once it had been damaged.

The paint was expected to be removed from the carriages in time for a return to normal services today.

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Smashed window on V/Line train
July 23, 2012

Safety concerns have been raised over V/Line allowing train passengers to travel aboard a carriage with a smashed window.
The lunchtime service from Melbourne to Albury-Wodonga ran yesterday with a broken window in the door of the first carriage from the locomotive.

V/Line spokesman James Kelly said the damage was caused by vandals during a stopover in Albury at the weekend and the train, with the broken window, was part of a Melbourne-bound service on Sunday but the affected carriage did not carry passengers.

He said it was allowed to carry passengers yesterday because a temporary fix was in place.

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And if a history of vandalism going back to 2012 isn’t enough, here is an example from way back in 2006.

Carriage of V/Line set VN18 covered in a floor to roofline graffiti mural

You’d think after a decade of trains being vandalised while parked overnight in Albury, V/Line might have worked out a solution to the problem – but they haven’t.


I’m going to guess those responsible for vandalising V/Line trains at Albury aren’t locals, but visitors on an interstate roadtrip bound for Melbourne – known as one of the world’s graffiti capitals.

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4 Responses to “V/Line’s vandalism problem at Albury”

  1. Beren says:

    Honestly, who cares? As long as they aren’t putting anything offensive on the side, shit the carriages probably look better. I think should do this to all the old rolling stock. Anyways, here’s the thing, why the hell do all the services need to be cancelled? I understand the broken window one, but the others? Anyways, I knew a guy who did security and had the job of sitting in a little booth at platform 3 Broadmeadows, and his job was to do nothing but sit there. They need to just do similar at that station.

  2. Sally says:

    I’ve been in a train carriage with a father and his young son when about 10 male youths jumped on, covered their faces and spray painted the entire carriage. They didn’t care that we were in their presence and didn’t care when started coughing because of all the fumes. The father and I both felt too intimidated to say anything to them and they jumped off at the next stop. Disgusting and unnecessary behaviour.

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