Western Bulldogs ride the St Albans line

Back in April 2016 the Western Bulldogs pulled out a rather clever banner for their game against North Melbourne – the rail theme is what caught my eye.

Western Bulldogs banner - "The only place North Melbourne should be ahead of Footscray is on the St Albans line"

The banner read:

The only place North Melbourne should be ahead of Footscray is on the St Albans line

In case you haven’t memorised Melbourne’s railway map, North Melbourne is located two stops before Footscray when headed out of the CBD.

Nitpickers corner

The “St Albans line” came into being when the Bendigo line was electrified as far as St Albans in 1921, but the name was changed to “Sydenham line” in 2002 when electrification was extended north to Watergardens station, and then to “Sunbury line” in 2012 when suburban services were extended further north to Sunbury.

'St Albans' destination still displayed on a non-PSR service to Watergardens

A handful of trains continued to terminate at St Albans station until March 2015, when the turnback platform was removed from service as part of the Main Road grade separation project.


Local comedian Danny McGinlay is behind the banners – here is a selection of rejected slogans.

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One Response to “Western Bulldogs ride the St Albans line”

  1. Adam says:

    Not to mention the fact that North Melbourne is ahead of Footscray on the Werribee/Laverton and Williamstown Lines!

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