Getting creative with tram stop advertising

Melbourne is known for the trams that trundle along our city streets, but for those who run the tram network it serves another purpose – a massive billboard for advertisers to make their mark on.

The majority of tram stops have plain glass walls, with a single advertising panel at one end.

New 'Adshel Live' digital screens at a CBD tram stop

Bigger adverting campaigns need a bigger message.

Ad wrapped tram stop at Collins Street advertising Garnier hair products

So vinyl decals are affixed to the glass walls to provide a larger canvas

Ad wrapped Town Hall tram stop on Collins Street, hiding the network map behind the stickers

Occasionally extra features are added to a tram stop to fit the advertising theme – like these stadium style seats for a Fox Sports campaign.

Foxtel advertising on Collins Street at the Town Hall tram stop

Mock timber elements were added to the tram stop for this Bacardi campaign.

Bacardi advertising at the Queen Street tram stop on Bourke Street

While this campaign for Mount Buller added fake plastic icicles around the roof.

Tram stop covered in advertising for Mount Buller

And this noodle campaign added an entire Asian style roof to the tram shelter.

Asian style roof attached to an AdShel tram shelter on William Street, advertising Suimin noodles

I wonder how much these custom tram stop additions cost the advertiser?


Yarra Trams lease their infrastructure to outdoor advertising company Adshel, who bear the responsibility for cleaning and repairing tram stop shelters, funding it by onselling the space for marketing campaigns. As you can assume, revenue is usually the first priority – covering tram network maps.

Yarra Trams network map hiding behind the advertising slogans

And driving the construction of almost useless shelters such as this one.

Fantastic tram stop - one seat, two advertising posters

One tiny seat, but plenty of room for two advertising posters!

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2 Responses to “Getting creative with tram stop advertising”

  1. scott says:

    At the exit of the Eastern Freeway going onto Alexandra Pde, there is a huge television screen full of advertisements. Something for motorists to watch when they are stuck in traffic at the exit courtesy of Dan Andrew’s refusal to build the East-West link and 1 billion dollar compensation payout.

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