Rebranding the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel

The first sod hasn’t even been turned on the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel, but the project has already been burning through names faster than any other transport project in Victoria.

Geotechnical drilling for soil samples on Albert Road at Domain Interchange

In early 2015 the project website was launched, at the domain.

By March 2016 they’d moved – was their new domain name and @melbournemetro their Twitter handle.

But by July 2016 they decided to change yet again – was their new online home along with @metrotunnelvic on Twitter.

Note that domain names weren’t the only thing they were updating – you can’t rebrand without a new logo! The original ‘Melbourne Metro Rail’ logo was launched in early 2015.

'Melbourne Metro Rail' logo

But was replaced in July 2016 by the new ‘Metro Tunnel’ identity.

'Metro Tunnel' logo

Just don’t confuse them with ‘Metro Trains’.

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5 Responses to “Rebranding the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel”

  1. Luke says:

    Utopia?… the marketing department need to justify their jobs (as they have nothing else to do at the moment!)

  2. rohan storey says:

    So many options ! ‘North south underground rail link’ (NSURL), North south metro rail project (NSMRP), Melbourne Rail Link, Melbourne Metro Project, would have taken them weeks ! metro tunnel short and sweet though not very descriptive, but then we all know theres only one city tunnel happening right now….

  3. Grant says:

    The whole point of rebranding the trains as “Metro” back in the day was to separate the brand name from the operator (see also “Yarra Trams”). Connex owned the name and took it when they lost the franchise. Thus “Metro Tunnel” can be used in perpetuity even if operator MTM get the boot.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      In the case of Yarra Trams the change from TransdevTSL to Keolis Downer in 2010 saw the name stay the same, but they still spent $$$ on a new logo, and a new tram livery.

      At least with the introduction of the PTV branding across trains, trams and buses, in theory future operator changes will only need the logo to be changed!

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