Who are level crossing customers anyway?

At level crossing removal projects around Melbourne, ‘customer parking’ signs abound. But who are these ‘customers’ and why do they need parking?

'Alternative Customer Parking' notice at Blackburn station

I spotted these ‘Alternative Customer Parking’ notices next to Blackburn station, informing rail commuters that that usual car parking spaces have been taken over by level crossing works.

'Alternative Customer Parking' notice at Blackburn station

The sign directed commuters to an alternate parking location, linked to the railway station by shuttle bus.

'Alternative Customer Parking' site north of Blackburn station

Meanwhile I found this ‘Customer Parking Only’ sign opposite Ginifer station.

LXRA branded 'Customer Parking Only' sign at the shopping strip on Willaton Street

Located outside the Willaton Street shopping strip, the sign appeared to have the opposite intention to the sign at Blackburn – telling rail commuters that they are not welcome to park there.

'Customer parking only' sign at the shopping strip opposite Ginifer station

Rail authorities have kicked an own goal here – in their pursuit of reframing passengers as ‘customers’ they have now completely muddled the waters, turning car parking around railway stations into a free for all.

November 2017 update

Via the LXRA Twitter feed – “alternative car parking available for rail passengers“.

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2 Responses to “Who are level crossing customers anyway?”

  1. Damn corporate speak.
    “Rail passengers only” would be far less ambiguous.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      Older signs state “only for commuters directly interchanging to rail or other public transport system” –

      Longwinded message on a parking sign in the car park at Nunawading station

      Only problem there is that ‘commuter’ implies someone travelling for work on a regular basis, and excludes people who use public transport on an irregular basis, or on leisure journeys!

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