Photos from ten years ago: November 2006

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time just trains around Geelong during November 2006.

We start with a special train operated by the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre, with 50-year old museum pieces T320 and T357 leading an 11 carriage long train from Seymour to Geelong.

T357 and T320 take the tour toward Geelong, at North Shore

At the rear of the train was parlor car ‘Yarra’ with observation platform.

The 'Yarra' Parlor Car trailing the train

Over at North Shore I found a short freight train, shunting empty log wagons out of the Midway woodchip mill.

Y171 shunting the Midway woodchip siding at North Shore

Outside of Little River I photographed a number of freight trains – here four diesel locomotives haul a SCT Logistics service from Perth to Melbourne.

G538, G541, G542 and GL111 on a Melbourne bound SCT outside Little River

Almost as long was this freight train from Geelong – made up of loaded cement hoppers and empty log flat wagons.

A77, T496, T400 and A78 on an up North Geelong freight near Little River

And this freight train from Mildura, made up of LCL cargo in louvred vans and export containers.

G521 and H5 on the up Merbein freight outside Little River

I did see a few passenger trains – like this Indian Pacific liveried locomotive hauling the Adelaide-bound Overland service.

Indian Pacific liveried NR25 on the Adelaide bound Overland outside Little River

As well as this dinky little V/Line service to Geelong, operated by a 2-car VLocity set.

VL14 on a down Geelong service outside Little River

Finally, something you don’t see too often – a works train dumping fresh ballast onto the tracks near Corio.

Ballast dump at Corio


Here you can find the rest of my ‘photos from ten years ago‘ series.

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