An Adelaide tram at a Melbourne bank

Welcome to Errol Street, North Melbourne. The route 57 tram runs down the middle, linking the city to West Maribyrnong.

Z3.185 southbound on route 57 along Errol Street

Among the row of shops is a Commonwealth Bank branch, who in an attempt to fit in with the locals, have included a picture of a tram on the front window.

Commonwealth Bank branch in North Melbourne, featuring an Adelaide H class tram on the window

It even says ‘Melbourne’ on the front.

Adelaide H class tram photo at a Commonwealth Bank branch in North Melbourne, with the 'Adelaide Metro' bit of the logo photoshopped out

The only problem – the photo is actually of an Adelaide H class tram.

Adelaide tram H.368 in front of the original Colonial Tramcar Restaurant W2 class car

But with the ‘Adelaide Metro‘ part of the logo photoshopped out.

The original logo should look like this.

'Adelaide Metro' logo

I’ve written about newspapers using the “wrong” train photos before. But in this case its a little different – someone has realised they’ve got the wrong photo for their project, and decided it’s easier to photoshop out ‘Adelaide’ instead of finding a more appropriate photo.

Fleet number side note

Adelaide tram 351 still exists today – it was refurbished to run heritage services on the tram line to Glenelg, after being decommissioned for everyday services in 2006.

Meanwhile in Melbourne we also had a tram with the same number – W2.351 was completed way back in 1932, remaining in service until withdrawn in 1967, the body being disposed of by fire.

And another one

Another Adelaide H class tram sighting in Melbourne, via a mate of mine – at the CBA branch in Boronia.

And now for a Sydney one!

‎Peter Bruce‎ found this photo of Sydney E-class tram 529-530 at Coburg Market, with ‘Coburg’ photoshopped onto the destination board.

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