Photos from ten years ago: March 2007

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is March 2007.

We start the month at Flinders Street Station, where the elderly CRT next train displays were being replaced by modern LCD screens.

New next train display under trial at Flinders Street platform 4

Unfortunately there were teething troubles.

New next train display at FSS - already faulty...

Leaving passengers at some platforms in the dark.

New next train display at FSS - already faulty...

Over at North Melbourne I found a diesel locomotive that has lived quite a life – Australia to Hong Kong, and back again!

TL154 at Creek Sidings

Built by Clyde Engineering in Sydney in the 1950s and exported to the Kowloon-Canton Railway in Hong Kong. There it hauled passenger services for three decades before being replaced by electric trains in 1983, being demoted to freight service before it was sold for scrap in the early 2000s. It was then purchased by locomotive hire firm CFCL Australia, who shipped it back here and reconditioned it for lease to local rail freight operators.

I also travelled on a ‘Hills to the Bay’ tour operated by the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre, travelling from Seymour to Geelong and return behind a different pair of elderly diesel locomotives.

T357 - T320 on SRHC's 'Hills to the Bay' tour depart North Geelong

Along the way we passed a freight train at what became the site of Williams Landing station, opened almost a decade later in 2013.

Our crew wave to those on NR69 - BL28

As well as Connex trains in suburban area.

EDI Comeng on an up Sydenham train passes through South Kensington

Out on the Geelong line I photographed a longer than normal train of cement hoppers, hauled by pair of locomotives.

A rather long train for some reason

Finally, March 2007 saw the bi-annual Australian International Airshow held at Avalon Airport, north of Geelong. To move the crowds, V/Line operated additional services to Lara station, connecting with buses to the airshow site.

P11 trails a down push pull outside Lara

The majority of trains were eight carriages long, sliding door ‘H’ set commuter carriages used to allow crowds to exit quickly at stations, and a diesel locomotive at each end of the train to enable a quick turnaround.

N467 leads an up push pull outside Little River

But due to the massive number of passengers to be moved, 7-car long ‘N’ type train sets were also used to fill in the gaps.

N456 on the up outside Little River

As well as a handful of near new VLocity trains, the rest of the fleet still being delivered.

VL25 on the up at Lara, passing stabled push-pull sets in the siding

A decade later in 2017 the airshow is again on at Avalon, but the fleet of trains available to by V/Line is much different – locomotive hauled carriages will be spending the weekend parked in sidings, with the 64 train strong VLocity fleet now large enough to move the crowds by themselves.


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