Photos from ten years ago: October 2007

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is October 2007.

We start at Southern Cross Station.

Please stand clear, the 4:59 [rubbish skip] service is now departing...

VLocity lineup at Southern Cross

When initially completed the concourses at the station were wide open spaces, unadulterated by congestion causing commercial outlets.

A more positive change occurred at Flinders Street Station, where the aging CRT next train displays replaced by easier to read LCD panels.

PIDs at Flinders Street Station

If only the screens were used to their full advantage, with the careful use of colour.

Craigieburn station where the first electric train arrived on Sunday, 30th September 2007.

New and old platforms at Craigieburn

Originally the entire station was to be rebuilt with four platforms with access via a pedestrian underpass, but the scope was cut back – only the platform on the ‘town’ side of the station was rebuilt for suburban services, leaving the gravel surfaced platform 1 untouched. This caused delays for V/Line services to Seymour, Shepparton and Albury, until additional upgrades were completed at the station in 2009.

A decade ago Werribee trains outside of peak hour were half sized – only 3-cars long.

Still trundling along the branch line, a 3-car Alstom Comeng on a down Werribee service approaches Laverton Loop

Geelong trains were also shorter, with 2-car VLocity trains a common sight.

VLocity VL07 Melbourne bound at Galvin

But change was on the way, with a station upgrade about to start at Lara.

N467 on the down passing VL10 on the up at Lara

Original a tiny brick building, with ticket office only open in the morning, and a waiting room smaller than a phone box, in 2007 work on an extension commenced. The current building was then gutted and extended to the south, to create a bigger waiting room and ticket office, a small kiosk, and upgraded toilets, along with verandas all around.

A far more unusual train was the one I caught to Geelong one evening, after the normal route via Spotswood was blocked. We were diverted onto the goods lines beneath Footscray station.

V/Line service approaching the Maribyrnong River bridge

Them west towards Sunshine at 15 km/h.

VLocity speeds past on the passenger lines down below

Only to halt to let a freight train pass, before we headed south towards Newport.

NR93 and AN8 arrive at Tottenham Junction on the up with AB6 at 1858

This move was made possible by the various alternate rail routes that exist across Victoria.

In Geelong I sighted a test installation of Myki equipment onboard a McHarry’s bus.

Myki Bus Driver Console in a McHarrys bus in Geelong

Testing of the system as a whole occurred a few months later:

The first active stage for Myki in Geelong involved a pilot trial of 5 McHarry’s buses over three routes between 30 April and 23 May 2008 and was purely a technical/scenario test involving Kamco, TTA and McHarry’s staff.

Back in Melbourne I also why the Metcard system was being replaced – each machine features a complicated series of belts and chutes for dispensing tickets.

Only the bottom doors open while repairing this MVM2 ticket machine

Metcard machines were eventually removed from Melbourne railway stations from January 2012, the last being removed during the week of 23–27 July.


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  1. Michael says:

    How often do electric three car sets run now? I am pretty sure that I saw a three car set heading to Blackburn about a month ago at Flinders St. I had to look twice but I cant find any up to date information on them.

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