Photos from ten years ago: May 2008

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is May 2008.

‘Crate Men’ were appearing all over Melbourne – I found this example beside the railway line at Newport.

Another crate man, this time at Newport

Also at Newport I came across a port shuttle train with a load of containers from the CRT Logistics terminal at Altona North.

J102 and J103 at Newport return from CRT Altona

These trains no longer run, with the government dragging their heels on their reinstatement, resulting in more trucks on the road in Melbourne’s west.

Back home in Geelong new rail infrastructure was being built, with an extension of the station building at Lara well underway.

Extensions to the station building

As well as new standard gauge rail sidings at the Port of Geelong.

Ballast tamper and regulator

I also went chasing a number of trains, such as this Steamrail Victoria special at Geelong station.

K 190 departs for the turntable

This short trainload of logs bound for the Midway woodchip mill at North Shore.

Y118 with the Midway log shunt at North Geelong

And Pacific National clearing out their collection of life expired freight wagons at North Geelong Yard.

Taking away a VHSF hopper wagon

Up the road at Avalon Airport I photographed a Jetstar A320 arrive at the very spartan terminal.

VH-VQZ arrives at the gate

As well as abandoned Qantas 747-300 VH-EBU ‘Nalanji Dreaming’.

VH-EBU 'Nalanji Dreaming' still in storage at Avalon

She arrived at Avalon Airport in February 2005 for long term storage and was stripped of parts, eventually bein removed from the Australia aircraft register in May 2008.

I also paid a visit to Ballarat on a Seymour Railway Heritage Centre train, much to the delight of this newly married couple.

Ballarat station and wedding photos being taken

While I found V/Line’s ‘bus’ service to Ararat parked outside the station.

V/Line's Ararat 'bus' service, Trotters' number 11, rego 4956AO

I found a much more conventional bus service outside North Melbourne station, where a pack of buses for the new route 401 shuttle to Melbourne University were parked.

Three route 401 shuttle buses lined up at North Melbourne

At the station itself cranes were at work building the new concourse at the southern end.

Cranes at work

With a temporary crash deck allowing work to continue while trains passed below.

Top view of the temporary working platform

I also found a diesel locomotive parked on the other side of the station, as construction work continued on the ‘Southern Star’ observation wheel behind.

TL154 at the Creek Sidings

The Southern Star wheel was shortlived – opened two years late in December 2008, it was shut down 40 days later due to design faults, and didn’t reopen until 2013 as the ‘Melbourne Star’ wheel.

As for the diesel locomotive, it has had a far more salubrious life – built by Clyde Engineering of Sydney in 1957 for the Kowloon-Canton Railway of Hong Kong, where it hauled passenger and then freight services for over 50 years, before being purchased by Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia (CFCLA) in 2005 and brought back home to Australia for a second life hauling freight trains.

And we end on this touch of the 1980s I spotted onboard a V/Line carriage.

Martin & King builder plate in a H car

As well as my 1:160 scale model of a V/Line N class diesel locomotive, posed in front of the real thing.

Buy my magic miracle cream - it takes off 100 tonnes and 20 years! (N scale N class locomotive in front of the prototype)


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4 Responses to “Photos from ten years ago: May 2008”

  1. Toby Esterhase says:

    I’m always surprised at the enthusiasm for port rail shuttles along the Dandenong Line – with only two tracks at the moment, there’s no way you could run them and maintain a ten minute frequency in off-peak!

    • Marcus Wong says:

      A handful of freight trains do slot in between the current 10 minute frequency on the Dandenong line.

      The Apex quarry train to/from for Westall:

      G524 heads through platform 2 at Westall with an empty quarry train headed back to Kilmore East

      And the Maryvale paper train to/from Morwell.

      VL360 leads VL356 on the up Maryvale service through Murrumbeena station

      Not to mention the hourly V/Line trains to/from Gippsland.

  2. Toby Esterhase says:

    As you say, a handful. Not the same as running them once or twice an hour right through the off-peak.

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