Walking down a Melbourne street

Just bought a new chair, and need to get it back to the office?

Rolling an office chair down the street

Or has your office chair ever wanted to go for a walk down the street?

Don't you wheel your office chair down the street?

If not, is your fridge itching to see the outside world?

Wandering down the road with a fridge

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8 Responses to “Walking down a Melbourne street”

  1. Martin Bennett says:

    When seen against the seemingly impossible loads that are a common sight in India or China, even the fridge picture here seems perfectly reasonable!

  2. Andrew S says:

    Riding the train to Craigieburn once and saw a rather rough looking couple board at Glenroy – straight out of Coles with trolley full of groceries onto the train and off again at Jacana and up the ramp off home where the trolley presumably remained in the street for the next six months or so.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      Southland station has a ‘No trolleys’ sign at the entrance to the platform:

      'No trolleys' notice at Southland station

      But this luggage trolley from Southern Cross Station dumped onboard a suburban train takes the cake!

      Long way from home - Southern Cross Station luggage trolley dumped onboard a suburban train

  3. Albert3801 says:

    I’ve had to do that at work a number of times! Chairs that we sent for repair/reupholstering. I had to go to the other end of the city and wheel it back. You then really notice how many cracks and bumps/holes are on the footpath! The tiny wheels keep getting stuck!

    • Marcus Wong says:

      In our throwaway society I’m surprised that anyone gets office chairs reupholstered – even though my chair at home is desperately in need of such treatment.

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