Riding a double decker bus in Melbourne

When I was a little kid going for a ride on a double decker bus was always a fun day out, and I happened to instil the same sense of adventure in my son after showing him book upon book about Hong Kong buses. But where can one go for a double deck bus ride in Melbourne?

Looking down on the Melbourne Steel Terminal from the Melbourne Star observation wheel

My first through was City Sightseeing Melbourne – they operate a fleet of open top double deck buses around Melbourne, running a hop-on hop-off service targeted at tourists.

Melbourne City Sightseeing bus 9350AO on Sturt Street in Southbank

But when I checked the ticket prices I got second thoughts – a 24 hour pass for adults is $35, and children aged 4-14 are $15.

What about the SkyBus service to Melbourne Airport?

SkyBus double decker #111 BS02KI southbound on CityLink at Moreland Road

Another expensive adventure – $33 return for adults, but at least kids can come along free on a family ticket.

But the real cheap seats are the route 190 bus that runs between Werribee and Wyndham Vale.

CDC Melbourne double decker bus #131 BS01GV on a route 190 service at Wyndham Vale

It’s just a standard Myki zone 2 fare, but only one of the buses used on the route is a double decker – which makes tracking it down an adventure.

I was lucky enough to find it at Wyndham Vale station at 9am where my son and I rode it to Werribee station, after which it retired to the CDC Melbourne depot at Truganina. Apparently it emerges again in the afternoon to complete a number of school runs, then heads back to the depot again for the night.

Back in 2015 Daniel Bowen wrote more about CDC’s double deck bus.

And some other options

If you a pack of excited kids to entertain, then chartering a double decker bus is always an option.

Dee Decker Tours has a number of double deck buses for charter.

Dee Decker Tours bus BS01BT on a charter at Altona

While Rockleigh Tours has two luxurious double deck coaches for hire.

Rockleigh Tours double deck coach 8774AO departs Sunshine station bound for the city

And Melbourne’s double deck train

Melbourne once had a double deck train – the 4D. Introduced in 1992 as a testbed, after years out of service it was finally scrapped in 2006.

Scrapping the 4D train
Photo by Zed Fitzhume, via Wikimedia Commons

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11 Responses to “Riding a double decker bus in Melbourne”

  1. Tom the first and best says:

    4D should have been preserved. It would be greater for tours of skyrail, think of the extra view!

  2. Andrew says:

    I am not sure I would trust Dee Decker Tours to have safe vehicles.

  3. Albert3801 says:

    Or take him up to Sydney where we have double deck buses on numerous routes, including Route B1 that is exclusively Double Deck! 😛

  4. You might enjoy a historical view of why double deck buses aren’t a Melbourne thing.


  5. mich says:

    If the windows of the 4D train were anything like those of the contemporary Sydney “Tangara” trains, I can assure you that the view out of any of the windows is craptacularly bad.

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