Photos from ten years ago: March 2009

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is March 2009.

Remember flip phones? Telstra was flogging the crap out of them at Southern Cross Station in 2009.

More Tel$tra advertising

Elsewhere on the concourse the suburban train displays were finally switched on, after three years of service from the ‘temporary’ screens alongside.

Suburban train displays finally working after three years

But at the north end work on the ‘Yardmaster’ building was racing along, thanks to the precast concrete construction.

'The Monolith' to bring intelligence to the Victorian railways?

Sun glints off the wacky star design on the walls

Work continues on the now four storey train crew offices

Out in Ballarat the new railway station at Wendouree was almost complete.

From the west, car park still to be built

While at Laverton work had started on a third platform and turnback siding for Altona Loop trains.

In March 2009 the tracks through platform 1 (now platform 2) were ripped up.

Platform 1 minus track

Allowed the trackbed to be cleared out.

Excavators and dump trucks clearing out spoil

But that didn’t stop V/Line trains from running to Geelong.

VLocity VL30 and two classmates run through the worksite at Laverton

As they were routed via the remaining track on the other side.

VLocity VL30 and classmate runs through the worksite at Laverton

Some smart planning there!

Down in Geelong grain trains were running again, following years of drought.

XR557 and XR554 climb upgrade through Moorabool

The tracks out of Geelong towards Moorabool have since been duplicated, making it easier for freight trains to access the port.

But no so lucky was the gravel traffic to North Shore – terminated in November 2009, and now moved by road.

A85 leads the up Apex train through Lara on the up, Patricks train in pursuit on the standard gauge

I saw a few ‘out of place’ trains in my travels.

Midway between Geelong and Ballarat I found an ex-Adelaide H type tram sitting in a backyard.

Ex Adelaide H 363

Between Geelong and Melbourne I found an Indian Pacific liveried locomotive hauling The Overland through Lara.

Indian Pacific liveried NR25 on the down Overland at Lara

And at South Dynon I found the Road Transferable Locomotive – a truck that could haul freight wagons along railway lines.

Drivers side view

The biannual Avalon Airshow was held in March 2009, and V/Line was running plenty of extra trains to transport patrons from Melbourne to Lara, where a bus connection was provided to Avalon Airport.

Crowd of homeward bound airshow patrons wait to board the train at Lara

Extra trains were transferred out of Bacchus Marsh on Friday night to help move the crowds.

Headed to Melbourne for use on Avalon Airshow specials the next day

One of the days was pissing down rain.

With this shot making it look oven worse

But the weather eventually came good, as I spent the weekend driving in the shadows of the You Yangs.

You Yangs and a N class bringing up the rear

Capturing V/Line trains along the Geelong line.

P13 picks up passengers at Little River station

Another unusual train I captured was a 707 Operations charter to Colac.

Baaaa go the sheep at Pettavel

And a rebirth of the Southern Aurora train as the Bacardi Express – a travelling music festival taking bands along the East Coast of Australia.

4490 with headboard runs around the train

The festival was held in 2008, 2009 and 2010.


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