Location scouting Client Liaison’s “A Foreign Affair”

Back in August 2017 Australian indie pop duo Client Liaison released their 1980s themed video clip for “A Foreign Affair”, featuring Tina Arena and a whole swag of references to defunct airline Ansett Australia. So where did they film the clip?

Scene by scene

The duo arrive into the terminal.

Walk up to the check-in counter.

And present their passports.

Once onboard, they take their seats in business class.

And consult the aircraft safety card, like every conscientious passenger.

Back in the economy class cabin, a young child sleeps.

They take to their air.

Then end back at the terminal.

As a couple are reunited.

So where did they film it?

This one was easy – someone over at the Australian Frequent Flyer forums answered it:

Dec 2, 2017

Was reportedly filmed mostly at AVV.

Including using ex-Qantas VH-EBU which is stored at Avalon and currently painted in Avalon Airport livery.

Avalon Airport management advertises the use of the airport as a filming location:

Avalon Airport offers a range of distinctive locations including:

  • The passenger terminal inside and out
  • The airside run-way (specific locations only)
  • A retired jumbo jet – available for filming inside and out all year round.
  • Australian bush settings including shrubbery, farmland and cattle
  • Large hangars

The aircraft interiors in the clip were filmed onboard Qantas 747-300 VH-EBU “Nalanji Dreaming” – stored beside Avalon Airport’s hangar 6.

Qantas 747-300 VH-EBU "Nalanji Dreaming" stored beside hangar 6

She was put into long term storage at Avalon Airport in 2005 and was used as a parts bin, but has since been repainted.

Much of the interior remains, including the cockpit.

Film Victoria


Film Victoria

Business class cabin.

Film Victoria

And economy class cabin.

Film Victoria

The terminal scenes were filmed at the Jetstar check-in counters.

Jetstar check-in counters at Avalon Airport

But Avalon Airport doesn’t have any jetbridges – which got me stumped.

Thankfully the Film Victoria website had this photo of a circular tunnel.

Film Victoria

But it isn’t a jetbridge – but a hallway.

Film Victoria

Located nowhere near the terminals, but attached to an office building between hangers 1 and 3.

Google Maps satellite imagery

An aerial photo footnote

In the background of the video clip an overhead view of an airport at night is presented.

It was far too busy looking to be Avalon Airport, so I started doing the rounds of world airport via Google Maps to try an find a match.

JFK in New York? No!
Frankfurt, German? No!
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington? Still no.
Boston Logan? Nope!
Chicago O’Hare? No!

Turns out it was Newark Liberty International Airport, in New Jersey.

Google Maps satellite imagery

And what about the safety card?

Midway through a video clip, a closeup of a Ansett Australia branded A320 safety information card appears.

Ansett Australia did operate Airbus A320 jets, but the safety cards looked different.

Flarose Pty Ltd

So where did they get their safety card from – an alternate Ansett design, or was their logo just photoshopped in?

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