Photos from ten years ago: June 2009

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is June 2009.

Main entrance to Southern Cross Station

Remember how open and spacious Southern Cross Station used to be? Nevermore!

But one thing that has changed for the better is the queue to buy V/Line tickets – on the Friday night before the Queens Birthday long weekend I found 50 or so people waiting to buy one.

The failure of paper based ticketing - almost 50 people waiting to buy one, on the Friday night before the long weekend

Before the introduction of myki to V/Line commuter services in 2013, passengers could only buy tickets in person from major railway stations, or a limited number of ticket agents in country towns – which led to massive queues at Southern Cross Station.

June 2009 also saw the first Myki ticket machines deployed to suburban stations.

Myki CVM awaiting commissioning at Altona station, Metcard machine to the right

It took until December 2009 for them to be switched on for passengers, with the Metcard machines removed from November 2012.

Another improvement was down at Laverton, where work was well underway on a third track and turnback platform. There were ‘Road closed’ signs blocking the rails.

'Road closed' signs on the track

A platform minus track.

Down platform with no track

And new overhead wires being strung.

Cherrypicker on the way down

Over at North Melbourne station the new concourse was almost complete.

Hoardings over platforms 5/6 removed

The structure emerging from above the steel and timber crash deck.

Temporary scaffold over platform 3/4

June 2009 also saw site clearance work start for the new Footscray station footbridge.

Old ramp still in use

Ready to replace the rickety timber and tin footbridge that linked the platforms.

Commuters wait for an up train at Footscray

A short distance from Footscray is the rail freight yards of North Dynon freight yard.

QRN liveried CLP11 shunting at North Dynon

In the decade since much has happened – QR National rebranded as Aurizon in 2012 only to quit the intermodal freight business completely in 2017, while the northern Melbourne CBD skyline is now crowded with new apartment towers.

But things were much quieter at the Newport Workshops, where the railway sidings lay empty.

Looking over the west block

Currently used y a number of railway heritage groups to restore steam locomotives, in 2019 VicTrack announced that the groups would not have their leases on the site renewed.

I also caught a a V/Line screwup at Southern Cross Station – the points changed beneath a carriage set in the yard, leading to multi-track drifting.

South end from overhead

And finally something completely different – semi-submersible oil platform ‘Kan Tan IV‘ being towed into Corio Bay.

Four tugs towing the 'Kan Tan IV'

Just made it at nightfall

Bound for Lascelles Wharf, the rig was in Geelong for refurbishment.


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