Freight trains through Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station isn’t just the hub of Melbourne’s suburban network, but also a key route for rail freight.

Life extension EDI Comeng 378M arrives into Flinders Street platform 9

Early in the morning, a load of gravel heads east to the Hanson concrete plant at Westall.

Down V/Line service arrives at Sunshine, as the up Apex train waits for a signal across to Brooklyn

After morning peak the train returns, headed back to the quarry a Kilmore East for another load.

G512 leads the up empty Apex train from Westall through Flinders Street track 9A

Just before lunchtime the southbound steel train passes through, headed for the Bluescope steel mill at Hastings.

Coil steel wagons leading butterbox containers on the down Long Island steel train

After lunch, a load of containers rolls through bound for the Port of Melbourne.

Qube containers roll through Flinders Street track 9A on the up Maryvale paper train

The freight trains cease for the evening peak, and passenger trains take over.

Busy times at Flinders Street platform 6

But after suburban service frequencies drop, the freights start rolling again – first the return steel train, bound for the Melbourne Freight Terminal.

BL29 and G541 leads the up steel train through Flinders Street track 9A

And then the return Maryvale paper train, headed back to Gippsland

VL356 leads VL360 on the down Maryvale paper train through Flinders Street Station

Which tracks do freight trains use

There are ten ‘through’ platforms at Flinders Street Station – platform 11 no longer exists, platform 12 and 13 are extensions of platform 10, and platform 14 is out of use.

New schematic diagram of Flinders Street Station on display for passengers

But there are a total of 12 through tracks – the extras being track 1A between platform 1 and 2.

X'Trapolis 147M arrives into Flinders Street platform 1

And track 9A between platforms 9 and 10.

Siemens train heads along track 9A bound for platform 12, with another train waiting in platform 10

Freight trains are usually routed via track 9A, but they will occasionally be seen passing through platforms 7 through 9, depending on what other trains are running.

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4 Responses to “Freight trains through Flinders Street Station”

  1. Arfman says:

    This was before the last round of timetable changes, but back when the Werribee train leaves from platform 10 on weekdays after 6.30pm. Except the 8 pm train.

    I have to remind myself to go to platform 8 and not 10 for the Werribee 8pm which I suspect was because of the freight train that comes around between 7.45 to 8.15 pm.

    There are times I nearly forget, and I will see people wait at platform 10 for a train that doesn’t come until the next one at 8.20pm.

    If I am not mistaken, some of the freight train comes late enough that the 8.20pm gets boxed in and have to leave later, causing me to miss my connecting bus.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      Both freight and Werribee line trains use the ‘new’ viaduct between Southern Cross and Flinders Street, hence the platform shuffling to avoid delays when one rolls through.

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