Photos from ten years ago: September 2009

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is September 2009.

Around Geelong

We start down in the Geelong suburb of Waurn Ponds.

End of the Ring Road

Which a decade ago was the southern terminus of the Geelong Ring Road.

End of the Ring Road

But work was underway to extend the freeway over the Waurn Ponds Creek valley.

New de-facto freeway

And up the hill via Anglesea Road.

Pigdons Road

The nearby streets had bus stops to nowhere.

One side of the street has buses to nowhere, the other side is a cover up

With new houses stretching as far as the railway line.

V/Line's current operations summed in one photo?

Back then only thrice-daily trains to Warrnambool used this line.

Down Warrnambool heads towards the cement works

But a decade later it is now the site of Waurn Ponds station, terminus of the majority of V/Line services from Melbourne.

Lone tree left beside the line at the summit at Duneed

The Geelong Football Club made it into the 2009 AFL Grand Final, so V/Line ran special trains from Geelong to the MCG to carry the thousands of fans.

P18 waits at Marshall on a football special

Cats fans wait for a delayed train at South Geelong

With a special ‘Geelong Cats’ headboard decorating the front of one train.

The headboard on P13 was reused from last year - when they had one on each end

More construction

The new concourse at North Melbourne station opened in September 2009.

'Interchanging? Now you can go both ways'

With Connex staff outnumbering the passengers on the first day of operations.

Connex staff outnumber the passengers

But for the first few weeks passengers still used the old northern entrance, as work on the new station building was still underway.

New concourse open for interchange, station building still being worked on

At Laverton station, the third platform was now starting to look real.

New up platform, note the face moves outwards towards the tracks about 30 metres in

And the lift shafts for the new footbridge towering above the existing footbridge.

North-eastern view of the new lift wells

The new footbridge at Footscray was also rising at a rapid pace.

New and old footbridges

Multiple sections of bridge were ready to be lifted into place.

A second much longer piece of footbridge awaiting final placement

With others awaiting ramps and stairs to be added.

Cleared site at the west end

After the turning of the first sod for the Regional Rail Link project in August 2009, work at Southern Cross Station ramped up. The pile driver continued work on the future platform 15 and 16.

Pile driver at work on the future platform 15/16

And the trackbed north of Latrobe Street was cleared to make room for the new Regional Rail Link tracks.

Trackbed partially cleared north of Latrobe Street for the new Regional Rail Link tracks

And some trains

The first of Melbourne’s ‘interim’ order of X’Trapolis trains had arrived at the Newport Workshops in September 2009.

First of the new order of X'Trapolis, at the Newport Garden Platform with no livery

A decade later we’re still ordering more of the aging design, but with no commitment to updating it, Alstom’s Ballarat plant may close down.

A much older train was the Steamrail Victoria special I followed through the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

K153 gets into the climb upgrade into Heatherdale

A decade later, this station at Heatherdale no longer exists – replaced by a rail-under grade separation in 2017.

Running through Heatherdale station

Neither does the station at Mitcham – replaced in 2014.

Crossing an X'Trapolis on a citybound service at Mitcham

Or the rickety footbridge at Ringwood – replaced in 2015.

K153 arrives into the platform at Ringwood to pick up the on-train crew

Another steam train was this Steamrail Victoria special for Ballarat.

On arrival at Ballarat station, VLocity in platform 1

I also captured it at North Geelong C.

R761 rounds the curve into North Geelong C

Where the century-old semaphore signals have only just been replaced.

I also followed the transfer of a V/Line power van from Melbourne to the Ballarat Workshops for refurbishment.

Climbing up the Cowies Creek valley

And the return working on a refurbished classmate.

Running through the station at Lal Lal

Both vans are used by V/Line on their frequently failing V/Line Albury service.

And finally we end on the derailment of a V/Line train at Stonyford on the Warrnambool line.

View from the west

On the evening of Saturday 12 September 2009 the train collided with trees lying across the track, felled by strong winds.

Overview of the site

Which resulted in the derailment of the locomotives and four of the five passenger cars.

N452 side on, gravel dumped to provide access

But the presence of a second locomotive on the train may have reduced the impact of the crash – there were only minor injuries to both locomotive drivers and one passenger.

As a result of the crash V/Line has taken a much more aggressive attitude to trees near railway lines.


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4 Responses to “Photos from ten years ago: September 2009”

  1. Andrew says:

    No wonder no one can find the Geelong train. Its destination is Warrun Ponds, or however that name is spelt.

  2. Jarred says:

    Wow it’s amazing how different Waurn Ponds is today. The little blue shed and the cottage are now a major homemaker center. Your 10 years ago series really captures my life growing up especially this one with the photos of streets I still use daily and bus stops that used to be my regular before they got pulled out. The short platforms and small carparks at South Geelong & Marshall are quite strange to see aswell.

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