Photos from ten years ago: January 2010

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is January 2010.

Built it up

Construction work on the Laverton Rail Upgrade project on the Werribee line has been a recent theme – we see that work on the third platform was almost done.

EDI Comeng arrives into Laverton on the up

Along with the new footbridge.

New footbridge virtually complete

Another project was the construction of a new station on the Craigieburn line at Coolaroo.

Looking up the Coolaroo station platforms

Served by a similarly large footbridge.

Looking down to Coolaroo station from Barry Road

Nothing ever changes on the Albury line

Another project of the period was the North East Rail Revitalisation Project, which was converting the deteriorating Seymour-Albury railway broad gauge track to standard gauge, providing two parallel tracks at a cost of $500 million.

While this work was underway, V/Line services had replaced by buses since 2008.

'Improving rail services for Seymour' - by running buses for two years, one more year than is really required!

A new platform was also constructed on the standard gauge track at Broadmeadows.

Looking down the new standard gauge platform at Broadmeadows

And V/Line was also busy upgrading trains for the return of trains to Albury.

Headed through the Parwan Curves, clouds of dust in the air as I just beat the train!

It was intended for V/Line trains to return in late 2010 but poor track quality delayed it until June 2011.

Unfortunately nothing has changed in the decade since – 2012 saw a promise to ‘fix’ the track, but reliability of V/Line services to Albury has stayed in the toilet , despite the addition of a third and even fourth train set to run the service.

May 2018 saw the launch of the $235 million North East Line Upgrade project – will this finally solve it?

But plenty of change towards Sunshine

Ten years ago the view along the line between the CBD and Sunshine was very different.

Freight sidings filled the area between North Melbourne and Moonee Ponds Creek.

C501 stabled with Austrac liveried 4836 stabled at the Creek Sidings

South Kensington station used to have trees on the platform.

EDI Comeng arrives into South Kensington on a down Williamstown train

Suburban and V/Line trains needed to share four tracks to Footscray.

N464 leads a down Geelong train into Footscray, a spark close behind on the parallel track

And two tracks through West Footscray.

EDI Comeng picks up passengers at West Footscray

There was plenty of grass beside Sunshine Road.

EDI Comeng heads a down Sydenham train towards Tottenham

And a rickety timber footbridge across the tracks at Sunshine.

Alstom Comeng departs Sunshine bound for Watergardens

All are now gone, to make way for the new Regional Rail Link tracks that separated suburban and V/Line services from 2015.

Blink and you’ll miss it

January 2010 saw the first Southern Spirit rail cruise run through Melbourne, on a journey from Adelaide to Brisbane.

Headed for Melbourne after visiting Adelaide and Alice Springs

Barely squeezing into the platform at Southern Cross Station.

Departure from Southern Cross, just before a cloud rolls over!

The last Southern Spirit rail cruise ran in May 2012, with the concept was relaunched in 2019 as the Great Southern.

Things that are gone

I swung past Essendon station.

Up train at Essendon - the platforms are hard up against the Buckley Street level crossing

Where traffic queued up at the Buckley Street level crossing – removed in 2018.

Traffic held up on Buckley Street, Essendon

City Circle Trams used to be maroon.

SW6.888 on the City Circle on La Trobe Street

Since 2012 they have been replaced by the W8 class tram rebuilds, with the final one withdrawn in 2018.

And buses in Geelong used to be green.

Benders bus #92 rego 4357AO pulls into Lara station with a route 12 service

The Benders livery replaced the blue Geelong Transit System brand from the 1980s, but has since given way to Public Transport Victoria orange.

At Lara station I captured a 1950s-era A class locomotive hauling a V/Line train towards Geelong.

A62 arriving into Lara station counter-peak on the down

In 2013 they were withdrawn, only to be returned to service in 2014, then finally withdrawn in 2018.

Another V/Line antique was the compartment carriages used on a once daily return trip to Geelong.

N453 arrives into Lara with carriage set SZ7

The set remained in service until August 2010, when the delivery of additional VLocity trains enabled it to be retired.

And finally, I captured The Overland headed out of Geelong bound for Adelaide.

NR81 leads The Overland out of Bell Post Hill past the Geelong Ring Road, power van PCO4 in the consist

Government funding for the service expired in 2015 was was renewed for three years, followed by a one year renewal in 2018, which has yet to be renewed at the time that I write this.

And the start of a plague

In 2009 VicRoads commenced the trial of ‘High Productivity Freight Vehicles‘ at the Port of Melbourne.

New 'High Productivity Freight Vehicles' - B doubles that fit 4 TEU of containers instead of 3, with a longer middle trailer and a fourth axle

These B-double trucks with quad axle trailers were up to 30 metres long and 77.5 tonnes in weight, transporting four TEU of containers compared to the three TEUs moved by standard B-doubles.

In the years since trucks have now taken over the streets of Melbourne’s inner west, while the Port Rail Shuttle project that was supposed to move containers onto rail has gone nowhere.


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