So you’ve dropped something onto the tracks

So you’ve dropped something onto the railway tracks – your hat perhaps?

Someone lost their hat on the tracks at North Melbourne


Broken umbrella discarded on the railway tracks

Footy scarf?

Some Melbourne fan dropped their footy scarf onto the tracks at North Melbourne

Bottle of Passion Pop?

Bottle of Passion Pop on the tracks

‘Caution wet floor’ sign?

'Caution wet floor' sign on the tracks at Flinders Street Station

‘P’ trap?

Someone lost their 'P' trap on the tracks at Seddon station

Collection of Formplex weatherboard samples?

Pile of Formplex weatherboard samples discarded on the tracks

Well – don’t run across the tracks.

Chase down station staff.

V/Line staff at Footscray also looking onto the tracks for a missing item

They’ve got a long grabby arm.

Metro staff at Footscray looking onto the tracks for a missing item

Ready to fish it back up.

Metro Trains staff retrieve a mobile phone from the tracks with a long pickup claw


I remember a few years ago a railfan attaching their GoPro camera to the side of a steam train doing the rounds of suburban Melbourne, only for it to fall off and land on the tracks. Presumably they found the camera, because they were able to share the footage. 😛

A2 986 passes through Hawksburn station with an up shuttle from Caulfield

Another unlucky railfan had a similar experience on a tram tour around Melbourne – holding their mobile phone out the window recording video along the St Kilda light rail the tram brushed past a lineside tree, knocking it out of their grasp and down onto the ballast below.

Photostop at South Melbourne loop on route 12

Moral of the story – use a camera strap!

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6 Responses to “So you’ve dropped something onto the tracks”

  1. Rob says:

    Given the large number of unstaffed stations around the network, what would one do if they dropped an item onto the tracks at one of these stations. I don’t believe this would qualify as an emergency and use of the ‘Red Button’ at the stations. I dont know there is another way to contact Metro staff though. What other options do people have?

    Perhaps posters with a phone hotline and roving staff from nearby staffed stations could be implemented?

  2. Is it legal to stick your equipment on a tram or to hang your arm out of the tram whilst it is moving?

  3. Arfman says:

    I like how the related post to this is a picture of a van stuck on tram tracks. I guess bigger stuff gets dropped sometimes.

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