Photos from ten years ago: March 2010

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is March 2010.

Princes Bridge with the Melbourne skyline behind

Build it up

Work on the $48.5 million Kororoit Creek Road duplication project in Altona North had just kicked off.

Government signage for the road duplication project - $48.5 million

Including the replacement of the Werribee line level crossing with a road overbridge.

Overview of the crossing looking east

Work on the project was completed in December 2011.

Gauge conversion of the Melbourne-Albury railway was still ongoing.

Work on the new standard gauge track through Seymour platform 1

Buses replacing V/Line trains north of Seymour.

Coaches before departure from Seymour for the Albury connection

V/Line services eventually returned in 2011, but trains are frequently cancelled – the years since filled with attempts to fix the already deteriorating track.

Toot toot!

I headed up to Maryborough on a special train operated by the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre.

Locos running around State Car 4

Travelling in style.

Consist in the platform at Maryborough

Sitting in the siding alongside was an equally elderly locomotive hauling an El Zorro grain train.

A few El Zorro grain wagons stabled in the yard at Maryborough

El Zorro having had the same train derailed at Tottenham Yard a few days earlier.

Crane extended

Thanks to the deteriorating track that passes for the Victorian freight network.

A few axles in the dirt

El Zorro went into administration in 2013, but the tracks they used are no better today – the Murray Basin Rail project intended to upgrade them ran out of money.


In March 2010 a massive storm hit Melbourne, with 10-centimetre hailstones hitting Southern Cross Station.

Tearing the plastic ‘bubbles’ in the roof.

A few weeks since the storm hit - no repairs have been done to the roof, and plastic sheet protecting the electricals

Opening the station to the elements.

An even bigger tear in the plastic bubble roof

Flooding the concourse.

Puddles on the concourse from the storm damage

And the escalators.

Puddles on the concourse from the storm damage

Repairs were estimated to cost $5 million, with 43 of the 60 air pillows needing replacement, work commencing in April 2010 and lasting 12 to 14 weeks.

Things that are gone

Remember mX, the free newspaper that littered Melbourne trains and stations each afternoon?

Shifting a stack of mX newspapers into Melbourne Central Station

The rise of smartphones saw readership drop, with the final edition published on 12 June 2015.

Myki was still new and shiny, with promotions across the rail network to get passengers to make the switch from Metcard.

Myki stand on the concourse, outside the Metro information kiosk

Myki eventually took over from Metcard in December 2012.

The transition from Connex to Metro Trains as the operator of Melbourne trains was still ongoing, with trains slowly receiving the new branding.

Comeng, Siemens, Comeng, Siemens, Comeng, Siemens... 8 trains stabled at Melbourne Yard, and all alternating like so!

But a decade later, the Metro livery surprisingly survives.

In 2010 bright yellow ‘bumbleebee’ trams were still making their way around Melbourne.

C2.5123 'Bumblebee 1' westbound in the Bourke Street Mall

But by 2014 the decals were torn and faded, so the trams were repainted into the standard PTV livery.

The next train displays in the City Loop were also coloured by destination.

TV screens and ticket barriers at the Swanston Street end of Melbourne Central

There were replaced by plain looking white on black LCD screens in 2011, but the use of colours was brought back in 2018, but only at Flinders Street Station.

V/Line trains to Geelong used to run via the Werribee line.

N469 leads a down Geelong service express towards Aircraft

Since 2015 they have travelled via the new Melbourne suburbs of Wyndham Vale and Tarneit, follow the completion of Regional Rail Link.

Passing through what were once empty paddocks.

A few minutes down the line at Manor, and the train beat me by a mile!

This farm west of Werribee is now Alwood Estate and King’s Leigh Estate.

I also ended up down in Gippsland at the Energy Brix briquette factory.

Western side of the Energy Brix briquette plant at Morwell

The ageing factory and associated brown coal fired power station closed in 2014, with demolition now underway, despite being heritage listed.


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    Surprisingly the MX equivalent in London still lives on (last I checked in Nov 2019).

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