Solar powered bus stops in Melbourne

Did you know many bus stops in Melbourne are solar powered?

Bus stop shelter with solar powered LED lighting

They have LED lights at roof level.

Solar powered LED lighting in a bus shelter

And a battery box beneath the seat.

Batteries and electronics for the solar powered LED lighting, in a box beneath the seat

Which is recharged by solar panels on the roof.

Solar panels on the top of a bus shelter

Quite a nifty design that removes the need for extending mains power to each bus stop.

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5 Responses to “Solar powered bus stops in Melbourne”

  1. I think they also need a sensor on the window to tell Adshell or our PTA that the windows have been smashed.

  2. I wonder if the LED tram stop lighting below is the same. I will check for batteries. Each light bank seems to have its own control system and sometimes lights don’t come on at night and sometimes lights don’t go off during the day.

  3. Philip says:

    Sadly, they’re often anti-sleeping designs as shown in the photos too. Could have provided an arm rest at each end (or at only one end, if they’re exorbitantly expensive and difficult to make), but instead they put one right where it stops someone lying down.

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