On the streets of Sunshine

The sun goes down on Sunshine.

Sunset over the silos at Sunshine


Sunshine grain silos viewed across the Matthews Hill grasslands

Cricket grounds.

Grain silos tower over the J.R. Parsons Reserve

Smashed beer and wine bottles.

Smashed beer and wine bottles at a local park

Discarded nangs.

Nangs dumped on the ground at the park

Dumped shopping trolleys.

Tangle of abandoned shopping trolleys, having had their coin deposit removed

Filled with rubbish.

Shopping trolleys filled with rubbish then abandoned on the nature strip

But the graffiti has a message.

'Tofu Doesn't Scream' graffiti on the back fences near Sunshine station

Fighting for a Free West Papua.

'Free West Papua' graffiti on the Sunshine grain silos

A footnote on the silos

The Sunshine Barley terminal was completed between 1965 and 1977, with a total capacity 64,000 tonnes – 28,000 tonnes across 20 concrete silos, 20,000 tonnes across the ten steel silos, and 16,000 tonnes in the Ascom shed.

B74 stabled with T341, T320 and S303 at Sunshine with the new rake of WGSY wagons

The silos were last served by trains back in 2014.

Southern side of the silos

And are now up for sale.

Grain silos up for sale in Sunshine

And a forgotten message with meaning

Remember the ‘No jobs on a dead planet’ message on the chimney at the since demolished Spencer Street Power Station?

Spencer Street Power Station

It was painted by a logging protester in September 2003, who was arrested for criminal damage.

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