Photographing the same bus, different place

When you take as many photos as I do, lots of strange things start to happen – like accidentally photographing the same bus twice on the same day. But having that happen with two different buses on the same day – what are the odds?

I photographed Transdev bus #369 0369AO departing Footscray station on route 216 to the city at 8:39am.

Transdev bus #369 0369AO on route 216 at Footscray station

I board a train towards work.

Life extension EDI Comeng 405M arrives into Footscray on a up Sunbury service

And spot it again at the corner of Lonsdale and William Street at 9:06am.

Transdev bus #369 0369AO heads east on route 216 at Lonsdale and William Street

I head out to inspect the Metro Tunnel works at South Yarra, and photographed Ventura bus #1034 5396AO on an all stations rail replacement service at 1:38pm.

Ventura bus #1034 5396AO arrives at South Yarra station on an all stations run from Caulfield

I board the next train towards the city.

Siemens 732M arrives into South Yarra on an up Sandringham service

And spot the same bus passing beneath Richmond station at 1:47pm.

Ventura bus #1034 5396AO departs Richmond on an all stations run from Caulfield

None of which was planned – that’d be cheating.

So you want to be a bus spotter?

Ready to go down the bus spotting rabbithole – the Australian Bus Fleet Lists details the fleet and registration numbers on virtually every bus in Australia.

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6 Responses to “Photographing the same bus, different place”

  1. Daniel says:

    And what are the odds of those buses being as fast as trains?!?

    • Marcus Wong says:

      The rail replacement bus was surprisingly quick to get from South Yarra to Richmond – I hardly beat it.

      But the route 216 bus from Footscray was much slower – I spent 15 minutes dilly-dallying about on top of the train trip before I saw it again.

  2. Andrew says:

    Pretty amazing coincidences. Who was stalking whom?

  3. D. Payne says:

    I have occasionally missed a bus, travelled a different way and seen or caught it further on the route. More often I’ve caught buses somewhere and then the same driver (& presumably bus) on the way back or further on. At least once I recovered a missing item that way, but they were deliberate attempts to catch the same bus.

    A lot of improbable things seem to happen to me, but of course I notice them and don’t recall the times nothing seemed odd.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      I’ve done the same thing on route 57 a few times – if I missed the outbound tram on Elizabeth Street it the following route 59 tram would often overtake it by Flemington Road, because it doesn’t take the deviation via North Melbourne.

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