State Government media release or partisian hack job?

In recent years I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon in Victorian Government media releases – blatant partisan attacks on the opposition.

‘Liberal’ search results at

Down the rabbit hole

One might think the domain is supposed to be for the Premier of Victoria to crow about their own achievements, but in reality it seems to be more concerned with playing political games.

‘Liberal’ search results at

Complaining about the opposition’s record on regional rail.

Liberals’ Regional Rail Plan Keeps Unravelling
5 October 2018

Liberal Leader Matthew Guy’s regional rail plan is only 48 hours old and it already has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Regional Victorians well know that the Liberals and Nationals closed these vital passenger rail services. Victorians also remember that when the Liberals make promises about rail, they never happen. The Liberals promised Rowville rail, Doncaster rail and Avalon rail – but they were never delivered.

The latest example is the Liberals claiming they will return passenger rail services to Mildura, Horsham and Hamilton, while their own policy document clearly states that won’t happen.

Their attitude towards the West Gate Tunnel money pit.

Leadership Test Looms For Liberals On The West Gate Tunnel
Minister for Roads and Road Safety
24 May 2018

As construction powers ahead on the Andrews Labor Government’s West Gate Tunnel, the Liberals are today faced with a test of leadership following the Greens again trying to revoke planning permission for this vital project.

The Liberals now have a clear choice – do they support jobs, getting trucks off local roads and relieving traffic congestion? Or will they again team up with the Greens to try and block this urgently needed project?

By attempting to revoke current planning permission, the Greens are trying to sack the more than 1,200 workers already building the project and stop the Labor Government’s 24-hour truck bans for residents in the inner west.

Level crossing removals.

Parliament Rejects Liberal Stunt To Stop Level Crossing Removals
Minister for Public Transport
22 June 2016

Victorian Parliament today overwhelmingly rejected a Liberal stunt to delay the $1.6 billion project to remove nine dangerous and congested level crossings in Melbourne’s south east.

Hospital funding.

Report Confirms Liberals’ Broken Beds Promise
Minister for Health
23 June 2015

New figures released today confirm that the former Liberal Government failed to deliver on its promise to add 800 hospital beds to the health system over their term of government.

Right-wing extremists.

Victorian Liberals Must Explain Extremist Links
6 May 2019

The Liberal Party must come clean on its links to right-wing extremists, following more reports that they are cosying up to members of the far-right to infiltrate and disrupt Victorian politics.

Last week convicted criminal and neo-Nazi sympathiser Neil Erikson claimed he met with prominent Liberals Andrew Hastie and Ian Goodenough – claims which were at first denied, but then shown to be true.

Mr Erikson also claimed to have flown to Queensland to take part in a conservative recruitment event for the Liberal-National Party – claims which were again first denied, but then shown to be true.

This extremist recruitment event was attended by well-known Victorian Liberal operative and State Council Delegate Elliot Watson.

The response to this extraordinary revelation has been met with deafening silence by the Victorian Liberal Party.

Content that looks more at home on the Labour Party website.

So what happens when the State Government changes?

Denis Napthine was Premier of Victoria until the Liberals loss at the 2014 Victorian state election, and also published media releases on the domain. media releases by Denis Napthine

And was no stranger to attacks on the Labor Party.

Labor’s transport fraud
Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Labor’s approach to transport offers no real solutions for road congestion or the state’s infrastructure needs, Premier Denis Napthine said today.

“Today, Labor has failed to commit to one new tram, one new train, or a single new bus; Labor will condemn us to decades of gridlock and frustration on the roads,” Dr Napthine said.

“All we have seen today is the Labor Party turning its back on its own plan – Rod Eddington’s proposal for an East West Link. This was a plan endorsed by John Brumby and his government, including Daniel Andrews.

“Residents right across Victoria know that we need to ease the burden on the West Gate corridor, and that is what the Victorian Coalition Government will deliver through the East West Link.

“The East West Link will remove congestion and improve connectivity and productivity across Melbourne.”

Dr Napthine also highlighted the Coalition Government’s record in removing level crossings across Melbourne.

“The Coalition Government has five level crossing removal projects already under construction and another seven projects in pre-construction at this very moment,” Dr Napthine said.

“The Coalition has a strategic and managed approach to level crossing removals to minimise the disruption to the road and rail system and local communities.

“In stark contrast, Labor does not have a strategic approach which accounts for the complexity of traffic management issues. This will result in unnecessary chaos, congestion and disruption for motorists and commuters.

“Labor’s transport con is hardly surprising given its track record when it comes to infrastructure in Victoria. This is the party which gave Victorians the Desal Plant, the North South Pipeline, Myki and $1.4 billion of ICT blowouts.

“The Victorian Coalition Government has spent more than $3.7 billion on roads in the past three years. This year alone, we are spending $1.2 billion on roads, including $466 million dedicated to road repairs and maintenance.

So no wonder that the site had to be thrown down the memory hole following the election. following the 2014 Victorian state election

Will we see the same purge in 2022?

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2 Responses to “State Government media release or partisian hack job?”

  1. Tom the first and best says:

    Direct attacks on the opposition (and post election promises) should not be on government websites, only party/candidate/independent/campaign websites. This should apply whichever side is in power.

    I don`t think there will be such a purge after the 2022 election because I think that the Liberals will loose the next election. Michael O`Brien looks too ineffectual to win, unless it is an anti-Government landslide like 1992. Tim Smith is too blatantly partisan to win, unless it is an anti-Government landslide like 1992. Mathew Guy was defeated for multiple reasons, may of which still stand. John Pesutto was probably the best leadership option, however he lost his seat, so he is more of a 2026 option, unless runs from outside parliament (Campbell Newman-style) or wins a by-election/gets appointed to the Legislative Council.

  2. Andrew says:

    I can’t see Mr 16% O’Brien will ever win. I doubt Andrews will run again. Your point about government websites stands. They should not be political.

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