Photos from ten years ago: October 2010

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is October 2010.

Down in Docklands

We start down in the windswept streets of Docklands.

No. 2 shed sitting all alone in the middle of Docklands

Where I had a look over the last remaining part of Melbourne Yard – the heritage listed No. 2 Goods Shed completed in 1889.

All that remains of Melbourne Yard:  No. 2 shed and the loading shelter for Loading Track 'D'. Four shunting necks ran along what is now Wurundjeri Way

And looked across to 67 Spencer Street – the former Victorian Railways head office.

Western side of the Victorian Railways head office, showing the 'U' shape

Then walked home past the ‘Wailing Wall‘.

Looking east along the Flinders Street retaining wall: 10 sections were removed in 1999 to allow the construction of Wurundjeri Way

None of these views are possible today – the Melbourne Quarter development covers the block bounded by Wurundjeri Way and Collins Street, the retained wall partially demolished to provided vehicle access.

Taking off

October 2010 saw me pay a visit to Essendon Airport.

Outside the terminal

Where the terminal looked much the same as when it served as Melbourne’s international gateway.

Looking down the terminal: still looking very 1960s

But the scene is different today – a $4 million renovation completed in 2019 has converted the main arrival hall into office space.

An even more dramatic transformation was at RAAF Williams in Laverton.

Sun sets on the abandoned control tower

Once empty paddocks between the Princes Freeway.

MA2 down the line at Forsyth Road, Hoppers Crossing

A decade later the airfield is gone, turned into the suburb of Williams Landing.

Big road spending

Work on the $371 million West Gate Bridge Strengthening project was well underway, with scaffolding covering the bridge while work was completed to add a fifth traffic lane in each direction.

Work continuing on the West Gate Bridge upgrade project

Another road project was the $48.5 million Kororoit Creek Road duplication, which removed a level crossing on the Werribee line.

Looking east towards the railway crossing

And Laverton station received yet another car park extension, taking it all the way to the Princes Freeway overpass.

Extended car park along the northern side of the line, all the way to the freeway overpass

At the rate the car park is being extended, it will soon join up with Aircraft station!

New trains

Delivery of more X’Trapolis trains was starting to ramp up during 2010, the imported body shells waiting outside the Alstom plant in Ballarat awaiting final fitout.

X'Trapolis body shells still in factory wrapping at UGL Ballarat: six cars all up, all with bogies fitted

And a new stabling yard had just opened at Newport to park all of these extra trains.

New stabling yard, tracks 3 through 8, located south of the Tarp Shop

A decade later the new HCMT fleet is being built at Newport, the Alstom Ballarat plant mothballed due to with no work, the workers redeployed to the V/Line maintenance workshops down the road.

Forgotten heritage

I made my way up to the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre.

T357 with a hidden T413 in the loco depot, N467 in the other road

Where I found a tine capsule from the 1980s.

Old-school Amex card swiper in buffet car Tanjil

Buffet carriage ‘Tanjil’.

Looking down the buffet counter of 'Tanjil' / 3VRS / 233VRS

The carriage remains in storage today, awaiting a future restoration to service.

Meanwhile in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, the Preston Workshops was a dumping ground for retired W class trams.

SW5.842 stored in the open having been used as a parts bin, alongside rotting SW5.848

But the scene today is different – in 2014 the old trams were moved out and given away to new homes, making way for the ‘New Preston Depot‘ that opened in 2016 for the fleet of brand new E class trams.

Meanwhile Flinders Street Station was a dank and crumbing place.

Missing tiles and exposed electrical cables: Centre Subway to platform 4/5

The only upside being a dance party happening in the Campbell Arcade subway.

Bouncer on the Degraves Street exit from the station, as some confused commuters look on

A decade later the tiles have finally been fixed, part of the $100 million Flinders Street Station upgrade project, but for the Campbell Arcade the future is not as rosy – half the shops are due to be bulldozed by the Metro Tunnel project to provided a connection to the new Town Hall station.

And things that never change

Promotional crap blocking access to Melbourne Central Station.

Another pile of promotional crap blocking access to Melbourne Central Station

It just keeps on happening.


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  1. Andrew says:

    Ten years later Docklands is no long wind swept…

    There is an historic plaque along the Wailing Wall but I could not access it due to scaffolding and barriers.

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