V/Line football specials for Geelong Cats fans

The V/Line trains and the Geelong Cats have been working together for years.

P11 with a special headboard for the grand final

Their home ground of Kardinia Park in Geelong is right beside the railway.

VLocity VL00 and VL01 on the down at South Geelong

Grandstands visible from passing trains.

P18 passing Kardinia Park

South Geelong station is a short walk to the ground.

Plenty of parked bikes at South Geelong station

With a number of sidings available to park extra trains.

P12+P16 in the siding at South Geelong

Many Cats fans also catch the train up to Melbourne to see their team play.

Cats fans wait for a delayed train at South Geelong

V/Line promotes their extra football trains to fans.

V/Line football train promotion at Geelong station

Advertisements on the side of trains.

V/Line football train promotion on the side of VLocity carriage 1371

And for previous Geelong Grand Finals, having specially decorated their trains for the occasion.

P11 with a special headboard on the up with an 8 car all-refurbished push pull outside Lara

These extra trains require a lot of planning – in this case, 20 pages of special instructions for railway staff, detailing the timetable of each additional train.

And one extra instruction.

Thanks to Geelong fans’ reputation for walking out early.

Stationmaster Richmond to note the following:

If Geelong wins, no.8295 must be held to depart at 1758 or until patronage is near capacity of set. If Geelong loses train to depart at 17 48.

If Geelong wins, no.8297 must be held at Richmond until patronage is near capacity of set. If Geelong loses train to depart at 17 58.

And with another Grand Final loss, who can blame then? 😛

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2 Responses to “V/Line football specials for Geelong Cats fans”

  1. Tramologist says:

    What do they do with N class now? I’ve read that when they are arranged in a push-pull consist with an H set, the doors will open whenever the dynamic brake is on. Double heading will need to run-around at Caulfield but does the track layout allow that? One N class and 8 cars will be way too slow.

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