Essendon Airport then and now

Here we are at Essendon Airport back in 1969, when jet planes were only just new, and Ansett and TAA were your options for domestic air travel.

Photo from The Age archives

And here is the same spot in 2013.

Check in counters for Sharp Airlines and Alliance Airlines

Pole 18 might still be there, but plenty of things have changed.

But there the story ends – the terminal has since undergone a $4 million renovation completed in 2019, that converted much of the main arrival hall into office space.

Essendon Fields photo

It’s a sympathetic nod to the past, but the time capsule from the 1960s is now gone.

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3 Responses to “Essendon Airport then and now”

  1. Paul Westcott says:

    Love your work, Marcus, but note: “The terminal has since *undergone* a $4 million renovation…”.

  2. Graham Bradshaw says:

    I was based at Essendon Airport in the late sixties, as a PMG techician, the office was in the small red brick building belong to the Bureau of Meteorology. I lived in Airport West so I walked to work each day. Ansett used Flxible Clippers as airport buses at one stage, ferrying passengers to their terminal in Swanston Street (cnr Franklin Street – Qantas built their new office block nearby)
    As part of my work there I was involved with the building of Tullamarine, installing and testing communications gear.
    Later, upstairs at Essendon Airport was a nightclub (The Cockpit) and I recall seeing John Farnham singing there …
    I still have an ‘I love Essendon Airport’ sticker somewhere, from when there was a campaign to close it down, following the crash of an aircraft into houses in Airport West.

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