Cantopop cover of an Australian classic

January 26 is Australia Day – a pretty shitty excuse for a national celebration given it marks the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney and the dispossession of indigenous Australians from their land. However something much more fun is this Cantopop cover of an Australian classic.

The track is titled 一於少理 (“Yi Yu Shao Li”) and is the work of Hong Kong singer Alan Tam – a superstar in the world of Cantonese-language pop songs. It appeared on his 1983 album 遲來的春天 (“The Delayed Spring”) – hot on the tails of the Men at Work’s original Down Under climbing the charts across the world.


Unlike most national days, for most Aussies celebrations on Australia Day don’t amount to more than sinking the piss at a summer BBQ – so just change the date already.

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2 Responses to “Cantopop cover of an Australian classic”

  1. Andrew says:

    I didn’t hear the word Vegemite in the song but it was quite well sung.

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