Photos from ten years ago: January 2011

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is January 2011.

By the beach

We start the month down at Queenscliff.

Looking over Queenscliff Harbour

Where I found the Queenscliff-Sorrento car ferry.

MV Queenscliff turns around at Queenscliff, on the way to Sorrento

A bridge to the secretive military base on Swan Island.

Security gate leading to Swan Island

And rode the Bellarine Peninsula Railway.

Getting ready to depart Queenscliff

Passing through Marcus station.

Station nameboard at Marcus station

In the back streets of Geelong I found a Ford Territory SUV covered in camouflage.

Ford Territory test car

The facelifted SZ series Territory was released in April 2011, and first official photos of the facelifted edition being released in February 2011 – looks like I had a scoop back then. 😛

Around Melbourne

Summer in Melbourne – and it was raining!

'Summer' in Melbourne

Tram passengers along Swanston Street still needed to climb up from street level.

D1.3516 southbound at Swanston / Collins Street

Platform stops were eventually built in 2012.

At the corner of Bourke and William Street the St James Building was being gutted, making way for the redevelopment of AMP Square.

Stripping down the lower floors, the glass also on the way out

And trains

I photographed luxury rail cruise train The Southern Spirit arriving into Melbourne.

Rolling onto the dual gauge at West Footscray

A very expensive rail cruise operated by Great Southern Rail, the Southern Spirit ran on various routes around Australia in January 2010, January 2011 and February 2012 before it was discontinued.

I also headed out to Diggers Rest, where I found a much less salubrious train.

I just realised the platform clocks are showing different times: one is 30 seconds out from the other!

Back then Diggers Rest was served by V/Line services, but work was about to start on the Sunbury electrification project that would extend service services to the town.

'Victorian Transport Plan' aign at Diggers Rest spruiking the Sunbury electrification project

Another piece of construction was at Lara, where I found a set of points leading nowhere.

Up end of Elders Loop: new set of points lead nowhere for now

Part of a new 1850m crossing loop, Elders Loop opened in 2011.

While north of Craigieburn station a massive shed was taking shape.

Maintenance shed at Craigieburn taking shape

Originally just a single stabling siding, the rail yards have since been expanded into the massive The Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility.

One night after the last train, I found an X’Trapolis train being walked through the station at Ascot Vale, staff watching to make sure that the train didn’t strike the edge of the platform.

Crawling along at walking pace at Ascot Vale: staff checking the platform clearances

Back in the 2000s Melbourne’s rail network had been split between two private operators, with X’Trapolis trains purchased by Connex for use on the Lilydale, Belgrave, Glen Waverley, Alamein, Epping and Hurstbridge line.

This split meant X’Trapolis trains were never tested on the ‘other’ half of the network, requiring Metro to go back and complete this testing so that they could run them along the Craigieburn line to the new workshops.

Another nighttime find was this noisy machine at work on Pascoe Vale Road in Essendon.

Rail grinding on route 59 at Pascoe Vale Road and Fletcher Street, Essendon

It’s a rail grinder used to smooth tramway rails, making the ride quieter for the trams that pass along it.

‘Real’ Myki barriers were finally starting to appear on the network – this set was at the Swanston Street end of Melbourne Central.

Set of Myki barriers waiting final commissioning at the Swanston Street end of Melbourne Central

These barriers eventually replaced the slower Metcard ‘Frankenbarriers’, but weren’t fast enough – in 2014 another style of gate was adopted at upgraded stations.


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  1. […] …but new Myki gates were starting to be tested. These would never quite live up to the promise of reliability and consistently fast response times, and only a few years later, the readers started to get replaced again. (Marcus Wong has a similar photo in this post) […]

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