Property developer sledging in Melbourne’s west

The other day a pair of advertisement for land sales on Melbourne’s western fringe caught my eye. The first was for an estate in Wyndham Vale, spruiking their residents only water park.

While a competing property developer says “don’t pay a premium for facilities you may never use”.

You’ll find the water park at ‘Jubilee‘ estate – located on the very edge of Melbourne at Wyndham Vale.

Between Ballan Road and the Regional Rail Link tracks.

The $10 million water park features water slides, a splash zone for children, leisure pool and 25m lap pool.

While the cheaper ‘New Gardens‘ estate is in the dirtbowl between Rockbank and Melton.

They promote a ‘future train station’ on their masterplan.

But trains won’t be stopping there any time soon – so you’ll need to drive 3.5 kilometres down the road to the recently opened Cobblebank station instead.

VLocity VL47 approaches Rockbank on the up

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9 Responses to “Property developer sledging in Melbourne’s west”

  1. Paul says:

    I wonder what happens to these facilities when the funding for them from the land purchases runs out.

  2. Andrew says:


    Plenty of other estates being developed in rural areas that’s are similar yet you’ve never used that term before…

    Why for this location??

    Do you have something against Rockbank/Melton??

  3. Steve says:

    Disappointing to see the canola crops disappear!

    There’ll be a station at either end of Jubilee when (if) the station at Sayers Rd gets built – as long as access to Sayers Rd across the Werribee River and the rail line is built in. And Sayers Rd is where the Western United stadium is going to be built, I think.

    Interesting that proximity to train stations is as much a developer selling point now as it was 100-150 years ago! A developer map from probably the 1870s for my area in Footscray shows the railway station – would’ve been the original one on the Sunbury line west of the current one on the junction – shown just east of Victoria St so not quite in the right spot geographically (and not the original Middle Footscray – too early for that). Pre-dates West Footscray as well – but no ‘future station here’ marked!

  4. Benjamin says:

    It took years and years for stations like Cardinia Road and Williams Landing to be built, and even then WL was shifted from Forsyth Road to Palmers Road, I wouldn’t rely on those promises at all.

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