Then and now at Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station is over 100 years old, with the building much the same despite both the trains and the city around it being quite different.

Biggest. Cliché. Ever.

West of Elizabeth Street is a cobblestone ramp leading up to the ‘Milk Dock‘ – the western end of Platform 1 that handled milk and parcels.

PROV image VPRS 12800 P3, item ADV0602

Milk would arrive from the farms on country trains, while parcels were transported around Melbourne by dedicated electric trains.

State Library of South Australia photo B 41019/163

Decades later, the ramp up to the Milk Dock is still there.

Vehicle ramp leading up to the Milk Dock at Flinders Street Station

But the milk and parcels are gone – replaced by a pile of rubbish bins removed to fight terrorism.

Now redundant rubbish bins stored in the 'Milk Dock' at Flinders Street

Electric vehicles used to deliver dodgy dim sims to the platform kiosks.

Trio of electric vehicles used to deliver dodgy dim sims to the Flinders Street Station platform kiosks

New signage waiting to be installed.

Stockpile of new signs at Milk Dock waiting to be installed

And the closest thing to a train – a trolley load of rubbish.

Transporting another load of rubbish down to the Milk Dock

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8 Responses to “Then and now at Flinders Street Station”

  1. Beren says:

    You know, I knew a guy who claimed that he used to use the ramp there to avoid paying for public transport. I swear, the guy said he took his kids to the city, and all of them, made a Bee line for the milk ramp. Says they all managed to sneak out that way. I think they mentioned climbing the fence. That’s funny. Many times of my life, I had issues with a ticket, and everytime, I merely just asked the guy at the barriers if I could put some money on my ticket. And every time I was allowed through. Heck, I even did that at Melbourne Central one time. See, the thing with fare evasion, is that you can get away with it, if you are trying to put money on your ticket. Here, come on through. Yes, I did put money on my ticket, but the funny thing is this guy climbing the gate at the milk ramp, when all he had to do was fumble in his pocket for awhile and con the guy at the barrier to let him out to the other side.

  2. Andrew says:

    I suppose the roof over the platform was removed because it was asbestos.

  3. Patricia Hale says:

    Thank you for the story Marcus, I have always wondered what that area was. Sorry that they put bitumen over the cobblestones, they looked so much better.

  4. Pierre says:

    anyone else think an old carriage or two in the dock would make for a cool bar/cafe?

    just me? ok… 🙁

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