Birth, death and rebirth at Bunnings Warehouse

You’ll find Bunnings Warehouse stores all over Australia, with new locations and expanded stores appearing on a regular basis.


A decade ago I was in the empty streets of an industrial estate south of Caroline Springs, where a new Bunnings Warehouse store was taking shape.

New Bunnings Warehouse taking shape in an empty industrial estate

The iconic grand entrance was there.

Entrance to a brand new Bunnings Warehouse store

But inside there wasn’t a floor.

Fitting out a new Bunnings Warehouse store

Just rebar waiting a concrete pour.

Pouring the concrete slab inside a new Bunnings Warehouse

By 2014 the streets of the industrial estate were starting to fill up.

Google Street View

And by 2020 Bunnings had disappeared behind a sea of tilt-slab concrete.

Google Street View


While on Millers Road in Altona North was an unlucky Bunnings Warehouse store.

Demolishing the former Bunnings Warehouse store on Millers Road, Altona North

Locked up and ready to be demolished.

Demolishing the former Bunnings Warehouse store on Millers Road, Altona North

Replaced by a brand new $47 million, 17,000-square metre store next door.

And rebirth

Out on High Street in Epping I found a familiar green shed, but it was no longer a Bunnings Warehouse – but a furniture store.

Former Bunnings Warehouse store in Epping now a furniture and bedding clearance centre

Bunnings moved to a new site on Cooper Street in late 2015.

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9 Responses to “Birth, death and rebirth at Bunnings Warehouse”

  1. Tony Taylor says:

    You will soon have another death/birth scenario. Bunnings Northland on Chifley Drive is closing, to be replaced by Bunnings Preston on Bell Street.

  2. Peter says:

    Another instance at Mentone of a move of about 300m on Nepean Hwy about 3-4 years back. Made it nearer the station. Then they moved the station inconveniently south.

  3. Jimbob says:

    The old Corio Bunnings (replaced by the North Geelong store) is now a truck dealership. It’s had a big repaint and reno to make it less Bunnings-ish.

  4. Kev says:

    Do you happen to know what is happening at the old Bunnings Epping site? I think it had been going to be the site for a new German supermarket (can’t recall the name). There was also some dispute about the planning zone or scheme or precinct plan, between the City of Whittlesea Council and another body (perhaps the supermarket chain, perhaps another group). Right now, it is demolished and is empty land. I can’t keep up!

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