Photos from ten years ago: May 2011

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series, but for May 2011 it’s something different – a road trip through New South Wales.

Approaching a Safe-T-Cam camera installation

Heading east from Melbourne

I took the Monash Freeway out of Melbourne, passing the site of the future Lynbrook station on the Cranbourne line.

Western side of the station site

And Cardina Road station on the Pakenham line.

Level crossing at Cardina Road looking towards the station platforms

I detoured via the Hazelwood Power Station, since demolished.

Hazelwood Power Station - 1960s chic

And followed the railway east to the end of the line, where trucks had taken over the transport of logs from Bairnsdale.

Up end of the Bosworth Road log sidings

The Raymond Island Ferry was another non-railway detour.

Loading cars at Paynesville for the short trip across McMillan Strait to Raymond Island

As was Lakes Entrance.

Entrance to the Gippsland Lakes at Lakes Entrance

The Princes Highway continued on, where I found a disused railway bridge over the Nicholson River.

View from the north of the Nicholson River trestle bridge

And a timber trestle over Stony Creek, outside Nowa Nowa.

Stony Creek trestle bridge, outside Nowa Nowa

The Princes Highway outside Orbost was burnt out following bushfires.

Fire damaged trees flank the Princes Highway near Orbost

I turned off the highway at Cann River, where I found a retired Hitachi suburban train turned into a house.

Hitachi 32M located outside Cann River, on the Monaro Highway

And followed the Monaro Highway towards the Snowy Mountains.

Snaking across the plains

Passing through Bombala.

Station nameboard and footbridge

And arriving in Cooma as night fell.

Looking up the yard towards the station building

Across the Snowy Mountains

The next day I headed up into the mountains, where I found the Skitube railway.

Driver training run on Skitube with motor-trailer car set #3 climbing up the mountain

A rack railway that serves the Thredbo and Perisher Valley skifields.

Sleeper and rack railway detail

At Thredbo I found a fleet of shuttle buses parked during the off season.

Shuttle buses parked at Thredbo - ex-STA vehicles, regos AV33PD and AP59LD

Before I attacked 65 kilometres of winding road across the Great Dividing Range.

Winding roads for the next 65 kilometres?!

Reaching an elevation of 1580 metres.

The highest road in Australia?

With a dusting of snow.

Driving between the snow poles

I headed through Kosciuszko National Park.

Driving on the open road

Passing alpine huts.

Bradley and O'Briens Hut

And Australia’s highest town at Cabramurra.

"Town centre" of Cabramurra

But the thing I was really looking for was power stations.

Tumut 3 hydroelectric power station

I found high voltage power lines and pressure pipelines.

Hydroelectricity: water goes in and electricity comes out

High voltage electrical switchyards.

Murray Switching Station at Khancoban

And I went on a tour of the Murray 1 hydroelectric power station.

Overhead crane running above the generators

Into the Riverina

Every visit NSW ends up with me passing through Gundagai, and this time was no exception.

Timber trestle bridges at Gundagai, NSW

But this time I made a side trip off the Hume Highway to the Temora Aviation Museum.

Display hangar at the Temora Aviation Museum

They park their cars a little differently here.

Reverse-in car parking in New South Wales

I then doubled back to the Melbourne-Sydney railway at Harden.

Passing sheep for the slaughterhouse: NR37, NR87 and NR64 at Harden

Where I was surrounded by a flock of sheep.

Herding sheep to market in Harden, NSW

Grain trains also use the railway.

EL54 and EL60 lead a southbound El Zorro grain through Yass Junction

Cootamundra and Junee being the hub for grain movements.

Lineup at Cootamundra: 48149, GPU2 and 48127 on one road, X52 and X46 in another, then a solo 48123 outside the shed

Disused grain silos are found all along the railway.

8130 and 8105 pass the disused silos at Marinna with a grain train

But have been redundant by modern bulk grain facilities.

Loading silos and grain stockpiles at the GrainFlow terminal

Small towns like Gunning still had a railway station.

Overview of the station platforms from the down end

The Melbourne-Sydney XPT is the only public transport to towns like The Rock.

XPT slowing down for a single passenger at The Rock

But towns like Binalong have trains pass by without stopping.

Disused railway station at Binalong

Relying on road coach connections.

Pair of CountryLink road coaches parallel the Main South outside Cootamundra

And finally the Southern Highlands

At Bowral I found a CityRail interurban service stopping for passengers.

Endeavour arriving into Bowral on a southbound service

But the NSW Rail Museum at Thirlmere was my destination.

4201 on display outside undercover

Exhibits filling the display hall.

Southern Aurora and Indian Pacific advertising signboards

And steam train trips outside.

Awaiting departure from Thirlmere

And a last pit stop

The sun was setting, but I had one more stop to make before Sydney.

Back into the bush again to find the bridge

The ‘bridge to nowhere’ over the Cordeaux River outside Maldon.

Bridge to nowhere over the Cordeaux River outside Maldon

I found the bridge just before night fell – achievement unlocked!

Footnote: new and old at Wodonga

In 2008 Wodonga railway station closed as part of the Wodonga Rail Bypass project.

Looking down the platform and yard at Wodonga

Replaced by a new station at Wodonga West in 2011.

Road side of the new Wodonga West station

And my usual bits

Southern Cross Station management blocking the main entrance to the station is nothing new – May 2011 I found a skateboarding display there.

Skateboarding display blocking the main entrance to Southern Cross Station

Unfortunately it’s still a problem today.

Meanwhile queues at the Myki gates were only just emerging as a problem – it wasn’t until March 2012 that I first start taking notice of them.

Massive queues at the Flagstaff ticket barriers to exit the station

As an interim fix additional overflow gates were added at stations, but it took until 2014 for the first faster ticket gates to be rolled out.

And finally we end on something positive – X’Trapolis trains rolling out of the factory at Alstom Ballarat.

Still a long line of shells to be fitted out at Ballarat

The plant shut down in 2020 following the delivery of the final train, but is due to reopen following a 2021 budget commitment to build 25 X’Trapolis 2.0 trains at the site.


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