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Photos from ten years ago: March 2012

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is March 2012. Trains A decade ago the Melbourne CBD skyline as viewed from Ascot Vale was much shorter. As was that of Docklands viewed from North Melbourne station. A handful of Hitachi trains were still kicking about. But a new […]

All aboard the other ‘One Nation’ train

When most Australians hear ‘One Nation’ they only think of one thing: the political party founded in 1997 which helped lead Australian politics into the racist sewer that is today. But the ‘One Nation’ name had been used before then – for an economic stimulus package in the aftermath of the early 1990s recession. Photo […]

The ‘station with no trains’ at Flinders Street

With Flinders Street Station being the centre of the Melbourne rail network, you might think it would be difficult to see all 10 platforms empty at the same time – but I have. This was April 2018. And not just once – this was January 2019. And December 2015. The key to the empty platforms […]

Forgotten local government areas of Victoria

If you’ve lived in Melbourne for a while you’ll know that the city is divided up into a number of local government areas, each responsible for community facilities such as libraries and parks, maintenance of local roads, town planning and development approvals, and local services such as waste disposal. However until 1994 Victoria’s regional cities […]

Photos from ten years ago: February 2012

February is a short month, and it’s caught me unaware while putting together my photos from ten years ago series – it’s already March and I’ve missed my February 2012 instalment, but here it is anyway. Myki The transition from Metcard to Myki as the ticket to travel on Melbourne public transport was well underway. […]