The ‘station with no trains’ at Flinders Street

With Flinders Street Station being the centre of the Melbourne rail network, you might think it would be difficult to see all 10 platforms empty at the same time – but I have. This was April 2018.

Looking across 10 empty platforms at Flinders Street Station

And not just once – this was January 2019.

All 10 platforms empty at Flinders Street Station

And December 2015.

All platforms unoccupied at Flinders Street Station

The key to the empty platforms – Melbourne’s poor off-peak service frequencies, which see most lines only seeing a train every 20 minutes.

With fewer trains running, there are fewer trains in the platforms, even though they sit there for an extended period of time thanks to driver changeovers.

Footnote: Southern Cross Station

Capturing all 16 empty platforms at Southern Cross Station is a little harder – you have to turn up after the last V/Line service of the night has departed.

Empty V/Line platforms at Southern Cross Station

Or early morning before the first train is ready to leave.

Early morning at Southern Cross Station and nothing is open

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