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Photos from ten years ago: June 2012

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is June 2012. Down by the tracks We start this month down at the west end of the Melbourne CBD, where the apartment blocks of Docklands towered over wasteland of railway sidings. In 2015 the rail freight terminal was relocated to […]

Ardeer’s enclaves in Sunshine West

I’ve been writing a bit about suburbs in recent weeks, and here is the trigger for the whole rabbit hole – places called “Ardeer” that are located in the middle of Sunshine West. The boundaries Enclaves are a territory that is entirely surrounded by the territory of another, but the border between Sunshine West and […]

Melbourne suburbs – a time before boundaries

Finding out the boundaries of a given suburb in Melbourne these days is pretty easy – just head over to the Register of Geographic Names (aka VICNAMES) and it’s all there laid out in front of you – so it might be hard to believe they once existed on “vibes”. This is the story of […]

Airside adventures at Melbourne Airport

On the Sunday just gone, I headed off to Melbourne Airport for the first time in years – I had an 7am date with a Qantas A380, having been lucky enough to win a spot on an airside tour to mark it returning to Melbourne after the Covid-19 triggered disruption to aviation. Paperwork ahoy The […]