Photos from ten years ago: September 2012

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is September 2012.

New builds

We start off down at Williams Landing, where work was progressing on the new railway station.

Citybound Comeng train passes the under construction Williams Landing station

It opened to passengers in April 2013.

Meanwhile over at North Melbourne they were busy digging up the tracks to the west, as part of the Regional Rail Link project.

A71 and X43 wait for a signal on the goods lines behind North Melbourne station

The new tracks lacked platforms at North Melbourne, but allowed V/Line trains to skip past suburban services when the first stage opened in December 2013.

But elsewhere on the Regional Rail Link route, work at yet to start – the decrepit timber station building at Sunshine was still in use.

Take away kiosk at Sunshine platform 1

And V/Line trains from Ballarat had to wait at the junction for a path towards Melbourne.

VLocity 3VL21 waiting in platform 3 at Sunshine as we arrive into platform 2

The first stage of the new station opened in April 2014, followed by a dedicated track pair to the city in July 2014, with Geelong line trains using the complete route from June 2015.

A bit of a joke

A decade ago to travel with V/Line you had to line up to buy a ticket before you travelled – the Myki system had been rolled out for use on buses across regional Victoria, but was not yet valid for travel on V/Line trains – hence this home made ‘Do not buy a Myki from this machine if you are travelling to Melbourne’ sign I found at Geelong station.

'Do not buy a Myki from this machine if you are travelling to Melbourne' sign on the CVM in Geelong

It took until June 2013 for Myki to be finally rolled out to V/Line commuter services, which allowed paper tickets to be killed off in February 2014.

Meanwhile on arriving at Southern Cross Station, you needed to watch your step – the tactile paving was peeling away from the floor.

And *still* more repairs to tactile paving

But after a spate of issues, the floor at Southern Cross Station no longer an issue – just broken lights above platforms 13 and 14, and broken down escalators.

Things that are gone

A decade ago the old Royal Children’s Hospital was being pulled down.

Demolishing the north side of the Royal Children's Hospital

Demolished as compensation for the new hospital that took over Royal Park, the old hospital was gone by January 2013, with the expansion of Royal Park onto the site completed by December 2014.

I also made my way out to Brunswick, to photograph the last days of the route 509 bus that ran along Hope Street to Sydney Road.

Westbound route 509 bus crosses Melville Road

The last service ran in September 2013 but community agitation saw the service restored in January 2016.

And finally, a random photograph from Brunswick was Alec’s Laundrette on Melville Road – who boasted of being “The largest laundrette in Australia”.

The largest laundrette in Australia?

It seems being the biggest didn’t help them – the laundromat has since closed down.

And things that haven’t changed

The trams trundling through Royal Park haven’t changed.

B2.2033 heads through Royal Park with a route 55 service

Low-floor E class trams were deployed to route 58 between West Coburg and Toorak from December 2021, but plenty of high-floor trams still appear on the route.

Clueless motorists are still blocking intersections.

More dimwits blocking the pedestrian crossing outside Flinders Street Station

Despite a “Don’t Block the Box” campaign launched in 2021.

And the infestation of gambling advertising?

Blonde models hand out flyers for TAB during morning peak

Already a plague a decade ago.

Bet365 advertising for AFL betting plastered all over Richmond station

It’s still around, but now the subject of a parliamentary inquiry.

May it be banished to hell.


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4 Responses to “Photos from ten years ago: September 2012”

  1. MSG says:

    “May it be banished to hell.” Hallelujah brother.

  2. Tom the first and best says:

    Laundrettes/Laundromats and dry cleaners seem to have a rough time in the pandemic, with demand for them dropping and some going out of business.

    With laundrettes/laundromats there has probably been a long-term downward trend with lower washing machine and drier prices over recent decades and increased gentrification reducing numbers without washing machines.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      When I travelled to NSW recently it was incredibly hard to find a laundromat. Yet where I am in the western suburbs of Melbourne there are a half-dozen laundromats near me, one of them recently opened, and many more recently renovated.

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