Another sighting of Museum station and the Shot Tower

Last month I shared a film showing Queen Elizabeth II paying a visit to Museum station and the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop, but today I’ve got someone quite different – the 1980s Australian new wave band ‘Kids in the Kitchen‘, in the music video for their 1983 debut single ‘Change in Mood‘.

Queen Elizabeth Plaza, Museum Underground Railway Station 1982  (MURLA) now Melbourne Central Station
Graeme Butler photo

The first sighting is the circular staircase connecting Queen Elizabeth Plaza to Museum Station, looking south towards Coops Shot Tower and Myer House.

The next shot switches to the other side of the staircase, now looking back towards La Trobe Street. Visible in the background are a number of circular ventilation stacks, now part of the Melbourne Central complex.

The third shot is looking east on the bluestone laneway of Knox Place, looking towards Swanston Street. This pathway still exists today in the shopping centre, as an open area arcade lined by take away foot outlets.

And finally, we looking back along Knox Place towards Elizabeth Street, at the lower floors of the Shot Tower. This area is now enclosed by the shopping centre.

Here is an annotated aerial view of Queen Elizabeth Plaza, showing the camera angles in the music video.

Graeme Butler photo, annotations by me

And here is the full music video for ‘Change in Mood’ by Kids in the Kitchen – from the 60 second mark Museum station features.


On Flickr you can find more 1980s photos of Museum station by Graeme Butler, including one of the red spiral staircase as featured in the music video.

Queen Elizabeth Plaza, Museum Underground Railway Station 1982  (MURLA) now Melbourne Central Station

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2 Responses to “Another sighting of Museum station and the Shot Tower”

  1. drnewbek says:

    Probably my favourite use of ‘Change In Mood’ is in the morning sign-on from ABC TV (ABV2) in the late 80s.

    “Good morning, and welcome to ABC Television via Aussat Domestic Satellite” isn’t something I think we’ll ever hear on air again…

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