Photos from ten years ago: December 2012

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is December 2012.

Farewell to Metcard

We start the month following the final days of Metcard tickets in Melbourne.

'Metcard validators will be turned off on Tuesday 4th December' poster - somebody jumped the gun here!

Advertisements for Myki appearing in random shopping centres.

Myki advertising in the almost abandoned Strand Arcade off Elizabeth Street

‘Myki Mates’ were still at work at CBD tram stops helping passengers come to terms with the replacement Myki system.

Myki Mates still working at CBD tram stops

And stores were finally selling a $14 ‘Myki Visitors Pack‘ that was supposed to make up for the lack of ticket machines onboard trams.

Spotted - a store that sells the $14 'Myki Visitors Pack'

The ticketing information board at Flinders Street Station had been updated to remove now-irrelevant information about Metcard.

Ticketing information board at Flinders Street Station finally updated to remove irrelevant Metcard information

And the ticket gates were progressively blocked off.

Installing more cable trunking at Flinders Street Station

So that the Metcard gates could be replaced with Myki ones.

Metcard gates blocked while Myki cable trunking works take place behind

Something new

Not much new this month – just a visit to the under construction railway station at Williams Landing.

Concourse of the station concourse and platforms well underway

It opened to passengers in April 2013.

Something gone

Melbourne used to have five bright yellow ‘Bumblebee’ trams.

C2.5111 westbound at Swanston and Bourke Street

By 2012 they were starting to look rather tatty, so in 2014 they got repainted into the standard PTV livery.

We also used to have restaurant tram that plied the streets at lunchtime and dinner.

Restaurant tram heads south over Queens Bridge - SW6.938 / #4

They’re gone – withdrawn by Yarra Trams in 2018 due to concerns they didn’t meet modern crash safety standards.

And finally, the old Hitachi trains.

Hitachis 283M and 291M at Flinders Street platform 4, with 286M arriving across on platform 3

One of them was headed my way, so I climbed aboard at Flinders Street Station and enjoyed the fresh air over the Viaduct over to Southern Cross Station.

Hitachi bound for Southern Cross, passing the banner indicators on the Viaduct

The final Hitachi train ran in December 2013.

And something completely different

December 2012 also saw me fly off on a month long rail journey through Europe.

Lufthansa 737-330 rego D-ABEI ready to take off

I started my trip in Frankfurt, Germany.

VGF S 228 passes the giant Euro at Willy-Brandt-Platz in Frankfurt

And then headed east to Russia – a journey of 8,898 kilometres six countries, ten cities, three rail gauges and 15 rail operators.

One month: 8,898 kilometres of rail travel!

And the end result – my spin off blog Euro Gunzel – An Australian railfan in Europe.


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2 Responses to “Photos from ten years ago: December 2012”

  1. Andrew says:

    I like that a transfer of a bumble bee was put on the external four corners of the C2 class when they were changed to standard livery but sadly I’ve noticed the transfers are disappearing now.

    Interesting memories as usual.

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