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Photos from ten years ago: January 2013

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is January 2013. Farewell to Metcard The Metcard ticketing system in Melbourne was switched off on 29 December 2012. Myki having taken over. But the machines still advertised descoped features, like short term tickets. And printed out credit card receipts that […]

Melbourne trains in music videos

Here’s a quick one – Melbourne trains as featured in music videos. Gerling – ‘Dust Me Selecta’ (2001) A guy goes running down the stairs at Flagstaff station and boards a Hitachi train, where he finds a set of magical headphones that turn the train into a nightclub. The Living End – ‘All Torn Down’ […]

My accidental 24 hour stopover in Qatar

A decade ago I headed overseas and spent a month exploring Europe by train, but the one part of the trip I didn’t count on was an unplanned 24 hour stopover in Doha, capital city of Qatar. How I got there I left out of a snow covered Moscow bound for Australia with Qatar Airways. […]

Inspecting the West Gate Bridge

The West Gate Bridge is a key part of Melbourne’s transport infrastructure, connecting the east and west sides of the city since it was opened to traffic in 1978. But how does VicRoads ensure the bridge stays in good condition? Some history The 2.5km long West Gate Bridge consists of two concrete box girder approach […]

Road trip to New South Wales

Rainbow over Byrnes Road, Bomen