Melbourne trains in music videos

Here’s a quick one – Melbourne trains as featured in music videos.

Gerling – ‘Dust Me Selecta’ (2001)

A guy goes running down the stairs at Flagstaff station and boards a Hitachi train, where he finds a set of magical headphones that turn the train into a nightclub.

The Living End – ‘All Torn Down’ (1998)

The band rock out in front of 1990s Melbourne scenes like the wasteland that is Melbourne Dockland, and the railway yards that became Federation Square.

Phrase ft. Mystro – ‘Here Now’ (2005)

Rapping onboard Hitachi carriages 13M and 1938T at the Brooklyn tip before they got turned into scrap metal.

And a bonus one: Shannon Noll – What About Me (2004)

Another music video from the same time period, this time it features an 81 class diesel locomotive leading a grain train in country New South Wales.

Fun fact

The interior shots of Gerling’s ‘Dust Me Selecta’ music video were actually filmed onboard a Harris train at the Newport Railway Museum.

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7 Responses to “Melbourne trains in music videos”

  1. Tim says:

    British singer Anne-Marie filmed parts of her 2014 music video Do It Right at Richmond Station and also at Easey’s in Collingwood, home to Hitachi 153M, 195M and 155M

  2. Alan says:

    Chela’s music video for her song “Full Moon” has plenty of Melbourne sights, including some station subway I don’t recognise, as well as her dancing on board Comeng and X’Trapolis trains.

  3. Aiden Webber says:

    The music video for Amy shark’s 2018 Hit ‘I Said Hi’ contains a scene with a Siemens train going right past (roughly around 1:25).

  4. Daniel Bowen says:

    Wildcard entry: Elvis Costello at Flinders Street Station at the end of his I Wanna Be Loved video

  5. Paul Westcott says:

    The exterior shots for Dust Me Selecta show Dave Lawson getting on and off an Hitachi, but the interiors were shot in the Harris car in the Newport Railway Museum.

  6. Paul Westcott says:

    Ah … I now see that you beat me to it with your comment at the end of the post.

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