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Photos from ten years ago: February 2013

Metcard validator onboard a tram, displaying a 'CLOSED' message and a red light

A history of Lynch’s Bridge at Footscray

This is the story of Lynch’s Bridge over the Maribyrnong River in Melbourne’s west, connecting Smithfield Road in Flemington to Ballarat Road in Footscray. On the downstream side is the original 1936 bridge, with art deco-styled decorative parapets, pillars, and light fittings. And beside it a far more utilitarian concrete bridge completed in 1992. In […]

Incompatible high vis vests – another example of rail dysfunction

As if a mess of different rail gauges and incompatible train radio systems across Australia weren’t enough, there is yet another incompatibility – different standards for high visibility vests! I’m not joking – head off to a workwear supplier, and they’ll list ‘Victoria’ and ‘NSW’ specification high visibility vests. The NSW version has the reflective […]

“This power pole belongs to”

At primary school they tell parents “label everything”. But slapping a “this pole belongs to [power company]” sign seems like overkill – who is going to steal a bloody power pole planted into the ground? But there is a reason behind these signs – and Jeff Kennett is to blame. In the beginning, the State […]