Photos from ten years ago: February 2013

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is February 2013.

Ding ding

Metcard had been switched off.

Metcard validator onboard a tram, displaying a 'CLOSED' message and a red light

The ‘safety’ zone tram stop on Epsom Road in Ascot Vale was copping a beating.

'Safety' zone at stop 30 on route 57: Epsom Road at Flemington Drive

Route 19, 57 and 19 passengers didn’t have any platform stops along Elizabeth Street.

Z3.119 northbound on route 57 at Elizabeth and Bourke Street

And the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant was still running lunch and dinner tours of Melbourne.

SW6.938 waits for the traffic lights during a lunchtime run

And trains

Evening peak would see massive crowds of pedestrians waiting to cross Spencer Street at Collins Street.

Pack of commuters waiting at the Collins Street Street traffic lights to cross Spencer Street

While on Friday nights, the queues would be at the V/Line booking office, waiting to buy a paper ticket.

Friday night, and V/Line at Southern Cross has a massive ticket queue as per normal

South Yarra station was also becoming surrounded by new apartment blocks, but the single station entrance was struggling to cope – a problem not addressed until 2020.

Hundreds of new apartments crowd the skyline at South Yarra, and a lone station entrance struggles to cope with commuters

But Footscray was getting an expanded station as part of the Regional Rail Link project.

Cleared car park on the northern side of the station

The near-new footbridge demolished to make room for two additional platforms.

Northern stairs up to the temporary footbridge

And Metro had unveiled a new infrastructure inspection train, in an attempt to address a spate of overhead wire failures crippling the rail network.

T377 leads T369 and the inspection carriage towards Flinders Street Station from Richmond

Things that are gone

Melbourne Bike Share was still operating.

Tourist heads up Swanston Street with their hired bike and helmet

One of the operational costs being the need to resupply bikes to empty stands.

Empty rack at the Melbourne Bike Share station on Bourke Street

Remember the “My Family” sticker fad? By 2013 they were on the way out.

Taking 'My Family' to extremes - two adults, four kids, and nine animals

Heritage listed public toilet on Queen Street? It was decommissioned in June 2013 and capped with concrete.

Centre median of Queen Street, just north of Collins Street

Horse drawn carriages leaving a trail of horse crap across the Melbourne CBD? They’re finally banned.

Horse drawn carriage heads along the tram tracks on Flinders Street

And Phillip Island

I headed out to Phillip Island, to look for the remains of the Summerland Estate. The only trace – a few dirt tracks.

Dirt track that is Solent Ave

I also made a detour to Pyramid Rock.

Start of the walking track to Pyramid Rock

Which looked like the name suggested.

Looking out to Pyramid Rock

And on the way back I found a radio tower out in a paddock.

Looking at the symmetrical "T" radio antenna for the Cowes NDB

Turns out it was a non-directional beacon (NDB) used as an aviation navigational aid.

Airservices Australia notices at the gate to the Cowes NDB

It was decommissioned in 2016 thanks to the popularity of GPS based navigation technology in general aviation.


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