‘Mad as Hell’ on location at Newport

The other night I was watching an episode of Shaun Micallef’s ‘Mad as Hell’ on ABC TV, and came across a familiar looking scene.

I swear I’ve seen that tin shed before.

And the next scene clinched it.

It’s the main gate to the Newport Railway Workshops.

Google Street View

Located off Champion Road in North Williamstown.

Google Street View

And I’d been there only a few weeks earlier, at the recent Steamrail Victoria open day.

Martin & King AEC Regal III halfcab bus #592 running shuttles to North Williamstown station

Where I walked past the very same shed.

Looking down between the East Block and West Block sheds


The episode in question was season 14, episode 10 – first aired 6 April 2022.

You can watch if yourself over at ABC iview – and more details over at IMDB and Subs like Script.

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4 Responses to “‘Mad as Hell’ on location at Newport”

  1. Des Hutchings says:

    I like your work, Marcus. Regards Des H

  2. Paul Westcott says:

    The main gate to the workshops is now 200 metres further east of that one, and provides access to the Metro and Downer parts of the site.

    The saw-tooth building occupied by them, where the HCMT suburban trains are being assembled, and similar to the one in your photos, is undergoing a very expensive restoration of the external cladding.

  3. indigohex3 says:

    In my honest opinion, Newport Workshops is very popular with television shows and movies. A couple of years ago, I was an extra in a Chinese film called “The Whistleblower” and the scene I was an extra in was shot at Newport Workshop. For your (and everyone’s) information, the scene I was in was shot at Gardens Station, not too far from where Mad as Hell was shot but in the same complex.

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