Photos from ten years ago: April 2013

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is April 2013.

Regional Rail Link

We start the month at Footscray station, where work was well underway on building the two new suburban platforms beside Irving Street.

Clearing the site of the new suburban platforms

A whole lot of digging was required in what was once a car park.

Excavation along Irving Street, for the new pair of suburban platforms

And the north end of the recently completed footbridge had to be demolished to make way for it.

Site of the new suburban platforms next to Irving Street

So a temporary staircase was built so passengers could still leave the station.

Temporary staircase linking the station footbridge to Irving Street

A new station at West Footscray was also taking shape, with piers in place to support the future overhead concourse.

Piers in place to support the future overhead concourse

While on the other side of Geelong Road, the ‘Rising Sun’ footbridge had been demolished to make way for the new tracks.

VLocity 3VL42 and classmate on the down at West Footscray

Choo choo!

The ‘Dumb Ways to Die‘ rail safety campaign was still doing the rounds, including this billboard beside the railway line at Sunshine.

'Dumb Ways to Die' advertisement beside the Brooklyn goods line in Sunshine

But something far less safe was my V/Line train with the doors stuck open.

Looking out the open door outside North Melbourne station

It was a systematic flaw in V/Line’s fleet that was not acknowledged until October 2014, and not fixed until December 2015.

Over at Newmarket, the crumbling station building had been partially demolished to remove stress on the remaining structure.

Temporary timber platform veranda at Newmarket platform 1

A handful of Hitachi trains from the 1970s were still running around Melbourne.

Hitachi train at Melbourne Central platform 4

And V/Line trains at Southern Cross Station were stell belching diesel exhaust under the enclosed roof.

Underfloor diesel genset chugging away beneath the roof

Beep beep!

A decade ago public transport to Fishermans Bend was just as woeful as today – buses the only option.

Crowds of passengers wait outside Southern Cross Station for the next bus to Port Melbourne

I also found a collection of Dyson Group buses and changeover cars outside Essendon station on rail replacement work.

Collection of Dyson Group buses and changeover cars outside Essendon station for rail replacement work

Connecting with 3-car Comeng trains at the seldom-used Essendon platform 1 to run shuttles on the Craigieburn, due to trackwork closer to the city.

3-car EDI Comeng set arrives into Essendon platform 1 with a Craigieburn-Essendon shuttle

Myki bits

Back in 2013 Myki was still new and untrusted by passengers, so queues at topup machines were common.

Queue for the Myki machines at Southern Cross in evening peak

Myki cards also came in separate designs for full fare, concession and seniors.

Full fare, concession and seniors Myki cards for sale at a 7-Eleven store

Myki readers dumping stack traces on screen was also common.

Stack trace displayed on a Myki reader onboard a tram

As were Windows error messages.

Windows error message displayed on a Myki tram driver console

Incorrectly configured devices.

The reason the Tram Driver Console was rebooting: an incorrect SD card was installed

Including one I managed to get my name displayed on.

Wireless network called 'wongm was here' displayed on a Tram Driver Console

And some loose ends

I was out in Brunswick and found the Victoria Police ‘booze bus‘ fleet parked up behind the Dawson Street Police Complex.

Victoria Police 'booze buses' parked at the Dawson Street Police Complex in Brunswick

And on Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD I found something odd – a McDonald’s restaurant that had closed down.

Closed down McDonald's restaurant on Collins Street, Melbourne


Here you can find the rest of my ‘photos from ten years ago‘ series.

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8 Responses to “Photos from ten years ago: April 2013”

  1. Peter Parker says:

    Minor correction on Fish Bend. The main 2 buses (235 & 237) have recently been upgraded to run every 10 min off-peak (instead of 20 or 30 min before). A big improvement. However weekend service remains zero or minimal.

  2. Liam says:

    Speaking of distrust for Myki, I discovered a new (to me) bug today. I made a journey on the Glen Waverly and Mernda lines that required 2 hours 5 minutes, and the ticket gates at the end refused to let me out.

    This was in spite of having a zone1+2 pass, myki in “touched on” state, and having already used the myki three times in that day (making it, in metcard terms a “daily”).

  3. M says:

    Noticed a bunch of failed Myki readers on trams recently. Wonder if they’re growing old…

  4. CarboardBoz says:

    That booze bus storage yard is still going strong! (look left outbound just before Brunswick station)

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