Melbourne public transport as crew cab utes

You’ve seen Melbourne public transport as Arnott’s Shapes, but how about as crew cab utes?

You have Metro Trains Melbourne in blue.

Metro Trains incident response car between jobs in Sunshine

Yarra Trams in green.

Yarra Trams incident response SUV waiting at Swanston and Little Lonsdale Street

V/Line in purple.

V/Line incident response ute between jobs in Geelong

And buses in orange.

oOh!Media staff changing over the advertisements on a bus stop on Hampshire Road, Sunshine

I cheated on the last one because it’s a van, and it’s operated by outdoor advertising company oOh!Media, who have the contract to maintain the network of around 5,000 bus shelters across Melbourne.

And a few more

Melbourne bus operators also have their own vans so mechanics can attend to broken down buses in the field.

Some of the ones I’ve spotted over the years include Transdev.

Transdev mechanic packing up after assisting a broken down bus at Sunshine station


Mechanic works on broken down Kinetic bus #149 BS03LH on Hampshire Road, Sunshine


Dysons response vehicle #5552 at Sunshine to fix a broken down bus

And Sita.


Bus operators in Sydney and Adelaide also have own dedicated tow trucks for recovering broken down buses.

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4 Responses to “Melbourne public transport as crew cab utes”

  1. Baku says:

    Ryan’s have their own cute little utes as well. They’re not really branded, just coloured.

  2. Davo says:

    Did you delberately frame the last photo so it had “baby” followed by “sita”?

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