Bridges, dams and a whole lot more big things: and the stories behind them.

Exploring Ford’s former chassis plant

Geelong is a city that was built on manufacturing, and the Ford factory has been a large part of it since it commenced operations in 1925. But what happens when one of those factories closes?

Entire factory now empty

Loading the Queenscliff-Sorrento car ferry

A while back I wrote about the history of the Queenscliff – Sorrento car ferry and the two very similar vessels that are used on the service – MV Queenscliff and MV Sorrento. So how do they get such a massive ferry into the berth and loaded up with around 80 car during a 20 minute turnaround?

Empty car deck of the MV Sorrento

Short history of the Queenscliff-Sorrento ferry

For visitors to the towns of Queenscliff and Sorrento on the shores of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, the car ferry that links the two is a familiar sight, and there is no better reason to look at the history of it than today: the 24th anniversary of the first sailing of the service.

MV Queenscliff crosses the bay, Pope's Eye and Chinaman's Hat in the background

Electrolysis – but you don’t do hair removal?

If you are eagle eyed during your travels around Melbourne, you might have spotted one of these signs. Despite what the plate says, this isn’t some kind of bizarre advertising for a hair removal clinic!

Electrolysis - call this number!

Raymond Island Ferry

As a born and bred Victorian, when I think “car ferry” I picture the big vessels used on the Queenscliff – Sorrento run across Port Phillip Heads, not the dinky little punts used to cross rivers. However, Victoria does have one such ferry: crossing the 152 metre wide McMillan Strait between Paynesville and Raymond Island in the Gippsland Lakes.

Ferry arriving into Raymond Island