How many blog posts do I write in a year?

I’ve just sat down and run the numbers – if I continue at my current blog posting rate, after one year I will have published a total of 142 new entries! My current posting schedule is as follows: Two posts a week here (104 posts/year) Once a fortnight about European railways at (26 posts/year) […]

My most viewed blog posts for 2014

I sat down the other evening and had a look at my top 20 most viewed blog posts for 2014. With only eight of my top 20 posts having been written this year, it goes to show the value that writing a “timeless” blog post can give.

My most viewed blog posts for 2013

I sat down the other evening and had a look at my top 10 most viewed blog posts for 2013. My two findings – my older posts are still popular, and lots of people are interested in abandoned buildings in Melbourne!

I’ve imported some old blog posts

I may have started writing on this blog back in June 2010, but it was not my first foray into publishing my thoughts online – for that we need to go back to 2005. I was just starting university, and it was a time when Facebook didn’t exist and MSN Messenger was the way you […]

My blog circa 2006

On hiatus for the next month, starting now

For the next month, this blog is going to be on hiatus – by the time that this blog post goes live, I’m going to be midway between Melbourne and Europe, on a plane that looks a lot like this one. Above photo by Adrian Pingstone, via Wikimedia Commons My last big overseas trip was […]